Reality of Budget 2018 | Dhruv Rathee Critical Analysis (Income Tax, Salaried people)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 3, 2018
  • India's Budget 2018 is finally here and this video is critical analysis of what the budget brings for the middle class, the salaried honest tax paying aam aadmi. See what changes are there Long term capital gains tax, corporate tax, education and road cess. Support my work: more informative videos and discussion on important Indian and world issues- What's app message your first name on +49 15121408907 to receive instant video updates.Telegram channel to receive video updates: on Patreon: episodes of The Dhruv Rathee Show:Ep 7 Ache Din in UP 6 Lairs Modi, Ivanka: 5 Padmavati: 4 Rajasthan: 3 Jay Shah growth: 2 Indian economy: 1 Currency Notes: Card: State in India: Prices reality: Sisodia Interview: Man Interview:
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  • Dhruv Rathee

    Dhruv Rathee

     a years ago +431

    Forgot to add one point on the education cess, it has increased from 3% to 4% on your salary. English subtitles will be up by tomorrow :)

  • asif ali momin

    asif ali momin

     a years ago +107

    बोल दो बजट अच्छा है
    नही तो सरकार आपके टैक्स के पैसे 2000 Crore advertising पर खर्च करेगी!
    यह समझाने के लिए कि बजट अच्छा है😂😂

  • Ashim Saha

    Ashim Saha

     a years ago +30

    Sir ji, आप से अनुरोध है, 2013 का budget vs 2018 का budget compare करके बताए...

  • vallala07 vinay

    vallala07 vinay

     a years ago +110

    looks like an unbiased video, good work mate .keep it up

  • pyarimohan das

    pyarimohan das

     a years ago +68

    Dude I belong to bhubaneswar. We were selected first for smart city but no development till now.

  • Vandana Rathor

    Vandana Rathor

     a years ago +14

    नमस्कार ध्रुव जी ।। बहुत ही सरल , सहज और सूक्ष्मता के साथ आपने वर्ष 2018 के बजट का विश्लेषण किया ।। बेहद आभार आपका ।।👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Harry oye!!

    Harry oye!!

     a years ago +277

    Bro kitni mehnat se data laate ho n edit krte ho kya baat h lge rho

  • Tech Fusion

    Tech Fusion

     a years ago +114

    Sab Joomla Hai !🎂

  • Modern Sb

    Modern Sb

     a years ago +28

    Most dirty politics in India It is more dirty than Ganga River
    we the citizen of India Should Try to clean it.......................

  • Radhika khatri

    Radhika khatri

     a years ago +24

    Why for more income for President n all ministers;they r already prosperous

  • paramjeet singh

    paramjeet singh

     a years ago +14

    Long term capital gains tax😟😟 matlab ab middle class log kahi invest bhi nahi kr sakte .... hadd ho gyi

  • Adrian Machado

    Adrian Machado

     a years ago +85

    Middle class ko middle finger mila! Best video Sir!!!😂

  • Sharma Sharma

    Sharma Sharma

     a years ago +34

    Mr. Druv Rathee, You know I am a Modi ji's fan and even always vote for him(because I would never like RAGA to be P. M of my country 😂). Even then I watch your videos just to remind my self not to have blind faith(Andbhakt). I really appreciate your hard ⚒ work. But will be delighted even if you expose the so called liberals of our country and also post 📯 some good content about 🇮🇳 India's foreign policy. ☺️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Saurav kumar

    Saurav kumar

     a years ago +16

    Bjp= bhahut hi jumledar party

  • Zlaaash 28

    Zlaaash 28

     a years ago +1

    Dhruv, i respect the awareness you're trying to spread. So i had a request for you to make a video about all these babas including ramdev baba who have many andh bhakts that end up buying all their products in the spirit of nationalism and believe that just because they advocate yoga, everything else they do is right. I would be very grateful of you if you expressed this one topic through a video or as a part of a video.

  • samdhruv 360

    samdhruv 360

     a years ago +1

    I was a andh bhakt until the growth of gdp slowed down to 5.7%
    I won't vote in 2019 for sure

  • Kartik Cool Boy

    Kartik Cool Boy

     a years ago +276

    Thanks For Dhruv Rathe I was a Andhbhakt Of Modi Know After Watching ur Videos I'm Understanding Thanks Bro

  • Sumit Chaudhary

    Sumit Chaudhary

     a years ago +8

    ध्रुव भाई एक वीडियो बनाओ रोज़ मरते हुए सैनिकों के लिए

  • Mohd Shahid

    Mohd Shahid

     a years ago +61

    Your vedios are truly on facts and not biased

  • ҳҲ̸Ҳ̸ҳ


     a years ago +3

    Riots incoming as 2019 elctions will be in 2018 . Kasganj was the begining .