NFL “Karma” Moments || HD

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 27, 2019
  • NFL “Karma” Moments || HD
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  • 33ladyRAM


     19 hours ago

    that was awesome

  • Ő-YT 1

    Ő-YT 1


    So that's why he acts stupit..brain damage..shyt Krazzyy

  • Ron Matson

    Ron Matson


    Some head to head is nasty,some times the kicker does it in a tackle,will he get called no let him have his 10 seconds of fame,I've also had harder hits in miget football that would draw a yellow flag in the NFL now,its laughable

  • kingdomkrook


     2 days ago +1

    Steelers revenge on Bengals was classic.

  • I do dumb stuff.

    I do dumb stuff.

     2 days ago

    Burfict:I got his shoulder

  • wraith1117


     3 days ago

    Meh, one more. There was a great one from Martin Gramatica jumping up a few times celibrating a FG, and broke his leg. I get an actual lol on that one every time.

  • wraith1117


     3 days ago

    Also, Yeah maybe Ed Reed made the mistake for show boating too soon. But The man more than made up for it the rest of his career.

  • wraith1117


     3 days ago +1

    JuJu's 'payback' hit you know all of that locker room was cheering him on for that. Burfect had that coming,... From quite a few players. JMHO.

  • Jazzimations


     3 days ago

    where does burfict get laid out

  • Jon Collins

    Jon Collins

     3 days ago +1

    Burfict got what was coming to him and we all know it.

  • Anime Music Xeg

    Anime Music Xeg

     3 days ago

    Players like these are the reason I dont watch football and dont get the hype for it

  • francis p

    francis p

     5 days ago

    0:53 i can watch that all day till the day i die.

  • Anime Kid

    Anime Kid

     6 days ago +1

    I like how even after there was a fight TO was celebrating

  • rdp 132

    rdp 132

     6 days ago +1

    Why do black ppl always celebrate too early?

  • Jacob Henderson

    Jacob Henderson

     7 days ago

    Perfect deserved that

  • CounterOptics


     7 days ago

    First one isn't karma. More revenge.

  • The Piper Report

    The Piper Report

     7 days ago

    Wait.. So Deshaun Jackson played for the Eagles, then Redskins, then Eagles again?

  • gottabump


     7 days ago

    Luv that JuJu hit..

  • Smashdown


     7 days ago

    The announcer acting like JuJu didnt lay out Vontaze for AB. Dumbass

  • Crosse Hampton

    Crosse Hampton

     7 days ago

    The commentators fuckin suck, “that’s bad for the game that’s just bad football” knowing damn well people love seeing that and it’s part of the game.