Water Purifier Buying Guide | What is RO, UV, UF, MF | Best Water Purifier for HOME, Office in HINDI

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 1, 2019
  • Hey Guys,
    In this video i'll explain you different types of Water Purifier which you should buy for your HOME & Office.
    What is RO (Reverse Osmosis), UV (Ultra Voilet Rays), UF (Ultra Filtration) Technology used to purify our drinking water in HINDI.
    Whats are the difference between RO UV UF step by step in Hindi
    Whats are the advantages & disadvantages of RO in INDIA & why you should not use RO at home.
    How much water purifier filter change will cost you & how long these water purifiers works.
    You'll get to know everything from filtration process to pricing & where you should buy your first water purifier.

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    Queries Solved:
    1) What is RO (Reverse Osmosis)?
    2) Difference between RO, UV, UF, MF, NF?
    3) How RO Water Purifier works?
    4) What is TDS (Total dissolved solids) & How to control your water TDS
    5) What is Alkaline Filter in RO
    6) How RO, UV, UF Process works?
    7) Where to buy Online or Offline?
    8) Which company water purifier you should buy?

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    Ghuma Fira Ke: Aapke ghar konsa Water Purifier Hai ?
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    the modern world is bad
    air = polluted = poison
    water = polluted = poison
    food = polluted & GMO = poison

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    Rail Neer ka tds 100 se 150 ke beech hota hai.....which is very good....also as per india voice magzine rail neer is the trusted brand of india

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    In UV filter , did ultra violet rays didn't harm the water quality?
    As we always listen uv rays are harmful for our body

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    Nice video.mera TDS 168 ha kun sa purifey atsa hoga.kindly inform me.

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