Dead By Daylight #45 - HERE COMES THE TRAPPER

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 11, 2019
  • To play with Sam, add him as a friend on Steam (link below this video) and add yourself during Survive With Friends! Be nice and let others have a chance too.

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  • Bad Girls

    Bad Girls

     1 months ago

    what is borrowed time?

  • KPlayzzz yea

    KPlayzzz yea

     3 months ago

    Do u hav a phato PC or a cool pc

  • RickitySplitz


     4 months ago

    What is the song in the intro

  • Gamer 36

    Gamer 36

     4 months ago

    Trapper is one of my favourite and Hillbilly

  • FallenKuroTaiyo


     5 months ago +1

    That chat with the baby Nurse was so wholesome <3 (going back through all your past streams lmao :P)

  • king Gizmo

    king Gizmo

     6 months ago +1

    Please make a t-shirt with the trapper doing jazz hands and it saying jazz hands underneath

  • Jjo0322nes YT

    Jjo0322nes YT

     6 months ago

    I’m hanging from a dirty hook

  • Christopher Bravo

    Christopher Bravo

     6 months ago

    The hookers

  • fantay the wolf

    fantay the wolf

     6 months ago +1


  • operation pay day

    operation pay day

     8 months ago +1

    I love this guy samnation. here come the trapper better watch out for his traps haha



     8 months ago

    Why dont u look behind u and waste pallets?

  • jiminchu


     8 months ago

    You better watch out for his traps!

  • The Spirit

    The Spirit

     8 months ago

    At least i took your medkit

  • The Spirit

    The Spirit

     8 months ago

    1:58:25 WAH!!

  • TheSjj009


     8 months ago

    Oh cool how is Dead by daylight? And is there a difference between the Steam and PS4 version?

  • كبوب ميوبخقظ

    كبوب ميوبخقظ

     8 months ago

    A ding ding ding
    great job

  • Celes Tial

    Celes Tial

     8 months ago

    What perk lets you see the killer's aura when he's close? I need it!

  • The Spirit

    The Spirit

     8 months ago

    OH don't PLAY Batman ARKHAM city UNTIL you PLAY the OTHER games TO understand THE plot

  • The Spirit

    The Spirit

     8 months ago

    OH and I'M not HITTING myself

  • Cinematic Movie Maker

    Cinematic Movie Maker

     8 months ago +2

    Trapper Be Like: " I want to be a survivor."