No, My Parents Aren't "Strict"

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 22, 2019
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  • CollegeHumor


     6 months ago +1249

    The opposite of strict parents are COOL parents that SUBSCRIBE to DROPOUT and let you watch INAPPROPRIATE SHOWS where PENGUINS MASTURBATE like WTF101 start your FREE TRIAL HERE:

  • hansmntfr


     6 months ago +4076

    Strict parents raise the best liars.

  • Bian Chang

    Bian Chang

     6 months ago +900

    Heres something about asian parents (my experience)
    “Mom when should i move out”
    “Why would you need to move out. Theres a house right here. Like to waste money?”

  • Doshick999


     6 months ago +790

    I indentify as a self conscious little tomato

  • Memo Memo

    Memo Memo

     5 months ago +248

    "I, as an individual, made my own sad, scared choices" lmao

  • living on music

    living on music

     2 months ago +182

    The cards laying on the table were glued too.

  • Serena Koehler

    Serena Koehler

     6 months ago +6126

    She's a self-conscious little tomato, roaming the streets at night like a wolf

  • Reva Mahajan

    Reva Mahajan

     1 months ago +32

    My parents didn’t need to be strict, I was just boring.

  • Casey Greyson

    Casey Greyson

     6 months ago +447

    My friend: my parents would let me stay home alone for weeks at a time when I was just 12
    My other friend: my parents let me try alcohol and let me stay up until midnight all the time
    My other other friend: my parents would let me swear all the time
    Me: I never did any of that growing up...
    Them: rEaLLy? DiD yOu eVeN hAvE a cHiLdhOoD? YoUr pArEnTs mUsT’Ve bEen sO sTriCt!
    Me: uh no, I think I just had parents with morals...

  • Sophia Lam

    Sophia Lam

     6 months ago +40

    i felt personally attack by how accurate Rehka was about our parents' involvement in our lives

  • Vedhan Sarvesh

    Vedhan Sarvesh

     6 months ago +71

    You guys should do a Grant styled video where Raph refuses to believe that he's always wrong XD

  • DPadGamer


     6 months ago +5820

    I was just waiting for that to happen with the card stack

  • Dee Gravelrama

    Dee Gravelrama

     6 months ago +32

    I was enjoying the subtle/not-so-subtle rocking of the glued together card stack throughout the entire skit, & then you had to flip it over. Comedy is about finding that balance & you tipped it- Um actually, figuratively & literally in this case.

  • Parul Thapar

    Parul Thapar

     5 months ago +49

    Sweeeeeeet. Thanks for understanding India comes in Asia too. 🤷🏽‍♀️
    Like finally.

  • Grace Taylor

    Grace Taylor

     6 months ago +51

    “self-conscious little tomato” is how im describing myself all the time from now on

  • TheBlueArmageddon


     6 months ago +519

    It is kinda sad that drinking before 21 and kissing before 23 is seen as "normal" and not doing that is seen as "weird"

  • Lady Alteria

    Lady Alteria

     6 months ago +19

    My parents are the reason I am a homebody....and now my mom wonders why I don't go out or hang out with friends

  • Amanda F

    Amanda F

     6 months ago +26

    my parents were so strict, i felt guilty for things i didn’t even do.

  • PrettyPinkPeacock


     6 months ago +23

    "I've never really used a pipe"
    "Oh, because of Rekha's strict tiger parents?"

  • Cooljosh3k


     6 months ago +42

    When you have to be filmed with unwanted green hair, but your friend is shock-collar free.