twenty one pilots Goes East - Episode Two: To Melbourne & Sydney

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 21, 2015
  • twenty one pilots Goes East - Episode Two: To Melbourne & Sydneyget tickets to see twenty one pilots: for more official content from twenty one pilots: available now on Fueled By Ramen:iTunes: Play: and edited by Reel Bear Media ( music by SombearStore: Site: #TOP #GoesEast #MelbourneAndSydney #Blurryface #FueledByRamen
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  • Dom Jo

    Dom Jo

     3 years ago +178

    0:38 - 1:20 "aaabdjsiananxkakdnskaajdkska hit a kangaroo apfoajw the judge akcisbakisisjhajjsksandwegettoseetwENTYONEPILOTS"

  • oh god oh man

    oh god oh man

     3 years ago +586

    dude with the red hair is the real mvp

  • Gracie B

    Gracie B

     2 years ago +154

    The audio can't even take heavydirtysoul wow

  • July Cruz

    July Cruz

     3 years ago +518

    When you can't go see them live 😔

  • Emma Robinson

    Emma Robinson

     3 years ago +156

    'The perfect song to yell his name in'
    I can just imagine them listening to their songs and thinking 'yes, it would be perfect if i screamed your name at 2:53, it would really add to the track, i feel''

  • Cole Fournier

    Cole Fournier

     3 years ago +182

    Thank god I don't have epilepsy.

  • kirsten xx

    kirsten xx

     3 years ago +68


  • Bella Perko

    Bella Perko

     3 years ago +162

    I can't get over this video. Help. I wasn't ready for this. iM NOT PREAPARED

  • Doxea


     3 years ago +119


  • Nicola Paschke

    Nicola Paschke

     3 years ago +87

    a year ago tomorrow i will have hit a kangaroo to the tune of the judge. i will have met mark. i will have had one of the best days of my entire life with three of my best friends. since the 5th of july 2015 i have seen twenty one pilots again, this time meeting one of my favourite people (nicole genato i love you bunches), and having another of the best days of my life. twenty one pilots never fail to brighten my day and make me feel less alone in this big, scary world. this music heals and i am forever grateful. this was a bit of a rant lol, stay alive |-/. i love you all so much.

  • Kelly Crowley

    Kelly Crowley

     3 years ago +30

    I thought it was the coolest things to hear that girl say "sick as frick" because I say that all the time and that's just one way this band has connected people across the world. with just one little phrase and I think that's one of the most powerful and inspiring things ever. it's.... sick as frick you guys

  • emily


     3 years ago +185

    i'm early for once yes

  • MewYoongii


     3 years ago +250

    Did anyone else's eyes only follow that kid in the background with the red hair or was that just me?

  • Lovoison


     3 years ago +43

    Gah i wish it was longer

  • nyellis


     3 years ago +66

    so this is what it feels like to be early

  • pjge0n -

    pjge0n -

     2 years ago +33

    Is hitting kangaroos the equivalent of hitting deer in America?

  • Hightops Hannah

    Hightops Hannah

     3 years ago +5

    the guy with the red hair standing behind those girls 😂

  • alien


     3 years ago +15

    I went back to listen to The Judge and he actually did say Josh Dun at 4:25 XD

  • Sally Montoya

    Sally Montoya

     3 years ago +81

    Who else was ready to shit bricks and cry when they showed the performance of heavydirtysoul at the end?

  • Janhavi Mada

    Janhavi Mada

     3 years ago +40

    Crafting so hard because they're not coming to my place anytime soon 😭