twenty one pilots - Hometown (Sleepers: Chapter 03)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 21, 2017
  • chapter 3: we say farewell to @JudahAndTheLion, @JonBellion, and farewell to the n american leg of #ERS2017 |-/watch more videos from twenty one pilots: Play: & edited by: Reel Bear MediaSubscribe for more official content from twenty one pilots: Store: Site: #TOP #Hometown #SleepersSeries #FueledByRamen
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  • Nile K. Jones

    Nile K. Jones

     2 years ago +1139

    BLACK GUY AT 7:00

  • Emili Masci

    Emili Masci

     2 years ago +306

    Who else thinks that Tyler singing hometowns with the piano is the most nerve calming thing

  • erica


     2 years ago +1339

    who agrees they should release an album with acoustic versions? the rawness of hometown at the end of this made me shiver.

  • twenty øne piløts at 221B

    twenty øne piløts at 221B

     a years ago +295

    1 year later,
    Still crying

  • Sina Rde

    Sina Rde

     2 years ago +199

    i think this version of hometown is the prettiest thing i ever heard.. he sounds legit like an angel..

  • Jocelyn_Owl


     2 years ago +1534

    "I'm still drinking tea, but it's not tea, it looks like tea, It's actually Red Bull. Don't tell my mom.."

  • Mac


     2 years ago +542

    "so that our quads get so much bigger... our glutes" USE YOUR GLUTES

  • rose. b

    rose. b

     2 years ago +114

    I actually started to tear up when josh was like "we love you guys" STOP PLAYING WITH MY FEELINGS

  • Audrey Dorosh

    Audrey Dorosh

     2 years ago +72

    Two days before my concert I attempted suicide. The day of my concert, February 8, 2017, I went to my first psychiatric appointment. I told my doctor everything and all she said to me was "you need to go to a mental hospital. If it was my choice you'd be going now". The mental hospital in my town is terrible. A few of my friends have gone and they say it's worse then hell itself. Later that day I was able to see Tyler and Josh live. The whole time I was bawling thinking that if I was successful I would've never seen them. Since then, I have been on the road to recovery and they have been making it so much easier. Thank you so much for everything, Tyler and josh.
    Stay alive|-/

  • Sarah Antone

    Sarah Antone

     a years ago +64

    Happy: listen to this
    Sad: listen to this
    Bored: listen to this
    Crying: listen to this

    Just listen to it

  • Morgaleese


     2 years ago +1385

    use your GLUTES

  • amy flores

    amy flores

     2 years ago +95

    It's sad to see that the blurryface era has come to an end. Because Emøtiønal Røadshøw was such a big step for them. It made them stronger and better. But I am also so excited and happy to see all the wonderful and amazing things they are going to create.
    Stay alive, frens |-/

  • Kylee Brands

    Kylee Brands

     2 years ago +148

    "Probably not as good as a French kiss" -Joshua W. Dun 2k17

  • Drew Demaree

    Drew Demaree

     2 years ago +95

    Ok, this is just a idea, but I think TOP should make a album called before fueled by ramen or something like that, where they remake all the songs from their name album, regionals at best, and no phun intended, and put it into one giant album. It would be so awesome, but take long time so please like this comment if you agree! 😀

  • Vinura Pathirana

    Vinura Pathirana

     2 years ago +78

    i love how josh is more confident to talk on camera now, he used to be so shy

  • miinruby miinruby

    miinruby miinruby

     2 years ago +466

    The ending where Tyler is singing on the piano, I started bursting into tears. You can tell that they enjoy going on tour and love to see our facesーthe cliques. This shows that we do truly mean a lot to them.

  • kfcanxiety


     2 years ago +246

    I didn't know that John Cena listens to twenty one pilots [[6:54 on the right]]

  • Served HotSis

    Served HotSis

     2 years ago +126

    I want Tyler's covers of their own songs on iTunes

  • OVP Bryce

    OVP Bryce

     a years ago +37

    0:50 why is nobody talking about the fact that tyler mentioned his GLUTES

  • Lasagna Cat

    Lasagna Cat

     2 years ago +41

    some people think of twentyonepilots as an emo dark band but the clique thinks of them as amazing funny people
    Stay Alive Fren|-/