Sal Valentinetti - Heidi Klum’s GOLDEN BUZZER - America's Got Talent 2016 Auditions

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 20, 2016
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  • Axelfox Fox

     1 years ago

    I really like his voice. His personality . I think he's a great guy

  • Kamaljit Gill

     15 days ago

    Nice that’s kind wiwv

  • MarriottSJ

     2 years ago

    He owned the stage like a boss

  • boss :D

     19 days ago


  • Darren Wall

     10 months ago

    I’m sorry I totally lost focus when Heidi walked up the steps, her legs are magnificent..

  • DANNN boss

     1 months ago

    me too bro

  • BK Studio Live

     2 years ago

    I like that attitude, I like his way. Bravissimo....

  • guadis carrero

     1 years ago

    Me too..

  • David Larsen

     1 years ago

    This Italian guy should be a hero for the rest of us guys. This guy got Heidi Klum just in few minutes. That's f incredible

  • Mikkel Hansen

     1 years ago

    He is the diffinition of smooth, smooth voice, smooth with the ladies, smooth Sal Valentinetti

  • Phocus

     1 years ago

    This is like the end of a movie or something like a want to see the backstory of this guy leading up to this moment

  • Dawei Zhao

     11 months ago

    6:22 genuinely end then movie right after that comment, freeze the last scene with a fast pump rocky style, fade to credits, done, simple.Or place it at the very beginning, and then cut to the muggy streets of long island, black and white scene drop to the streets, a star is born.

  • Элмира Ходжаева

     1 years ago

    Phocus kla

  • Sis. Dennise.


    His voice is gold! 🙏


     1 years ago

    how you doin

  • Eric Michael

     8 months ago

    Heidi Pocket Faced the Hell out of it

  • احمد علي

     11 months ago

    Joey from friends

  • V. Ready

     1 years ago

    He knocked 'em dead!Also, the key to Heidi's golden buzzer?: Flirt with Heidi.