David Dobrik Best Moments of 2019 (so far)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 4, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Lh_FQ21TgAU


  • Snatched

     2 months ago

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  • Digitalhunny

     2 months ago

    What if @ 4:45 you had PUT John Cena inside the car?? Would his head have explode? 🤔

  • Apple Pie

     2 months ago

    Health always has the best responses David needs to buy heath a car

  • Bitch Lasagna

     15 days ago

    He needs to get another big red

  • Wrecked 123

     15 days ago

    FrmLugo Autocorrect

  • Emma Bergen

     2 months ago

    no one:David Dobrik: SEAT GEEK

  • erika s.

     2 months ago

    This video is 44:20 and that perfection is not wasted on me

  • Myzka

     10 days ago

    momentum45 mine says 44:20 you trippin

  • Bulbasaur

     1 months ago

    Hi there

  • King Leart

     2 months ago

    Can you do a video "Girl's getting rejected by David Dobrik"

  • malexroswellnm

     a months ago

    A whole hour of tana

  • itsbansheebish

     1 months ago

    There’s already a video of that lol

  • I’m Oof

     1 months ago

    Current highest paying jobs: Being friends with David Dobrik & Mr Beast

  • Blue Runner

     2 months ago

    How david flexes: hey guys I just bought a car but seatgeak had to help me

  • E U N O I A

     3 days ago


  • Board Gaming

     1 months ago

    Mrbeast also gets sponsored by everyone

  • Imani Harvey

     1 months ago

    Other YouTubers: “Seatgeek scammed me” “Seatgeek ripped me off”David:”Seatgeek is an amazing app” 😭

  • Imani Harvey

     26 days ago

    Update:Thanks for the likes 😭

  • TheBrandonRobert

     1 months ago

    I don't feel like the other YouTubers don't understand how it works.

  • Kaylea Hetzer

     2 months ago

    Alex getting his car makes me cry every time

  • Pandauchiha996

     2 months ago

    If Megan Fox and Kendal Jenner had a baby. Natalie is so cute.

  • yee haw

     27 days ago

    I dont think thats possible

  • GabrielFranco

     1 months ago

    Pandauchiha996 yes!!!