CAPTAIN MARVEL: New Trailers + Clips (2019)

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 15, 2019
  • New Trailers + Clips from CAPTAIN MARVEL
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  • David Zewalk

    David Zewalk

     2 months ago

    Captain Super CGI girl to the rescue!

  • MsAgnostica Goes Quantum

    MsAgnostica Goes Quantum

     8 months ago

    I think Anna Pecquin should replace Brie Larson as Captin Marvel. She's an Oscar winner and has that bad ass charm she had in True Blood as Sookie.

  • hasitha dilshan

    hasitha dilshan

     9 months ago

    Captain marvel new trailer

  • redeye jedi

    redeye jedi

     10 months ago

    Just saw captain Kegel, the storyline seems rushed and I was not impressed with the special effects I thought they would be a lot better than they were.

  • Videogames and Movies Tributes

    Videogames and Movies Tributes

     10 months ago

    Struggles not to fall off the train
    20 sec later
    Flies at mark 2 or something

  • Wolf Nox

    Wolf Nox

     10 months ago

    All these trailers are absolute trash

  • W F

    W F

     10 months ago

    Looks shit

  • RAX GT

    RAX GT

     10 months ago

    烂片,打斗很烂,marvel fuck

  • Lee Morgan

    Lee Morgan

     10 months ago

    Folks do not waste your $10.00 to see it. Big let down. the only good scenes are the ones with Nick Fury and even he couldn't carry her thru some of it. And the end credits trailer has her running up on Captain America and Black Widow saying were is Nick Fury all puffed up like she is going to kick someones ass. not much to it. save your $$$ people

  • Mitch Kindtt

    Mitch Kindtt

     10 months ago

    The Nine Inch Nails T shirt is cool...I just went to and checked out the store they have them. $25 not to bad. enjoy friends :)

  • Mtn Noel

    Mtn Noel

     10 months ago

    Captain Marvel's a chick?

  • nub gamers

    nub gamers

     10 months ago


  • eduar ed

    eduar ed

     10 months ago

    Ok let me get this right..the girl have powers and can break stuff with a punch..but on second 0:47 she miss hitting a normal regular guy and the guy even puch her off the train ? wtf is the director is thinking

  • N


     10 months ago

    Almost broke that glass ceiling, but the reviews...o wait...they just deleted most of them and put 10 stars. Feminist power up achieved! YAY! Strong and Indapendant!



     10 months ago

  • s-plan none

    s-plan none

     10 months ago

    This is all Hollywood wants these days..130lb woman beating the shit out of everyone, That's the Agenda

  • Joshua baas

    Joshua baas

     10 months ago

    Movie is trash.

  • Thders 97

    Thders 97

     10 months ago

    I am waiting for avenger infinity war 2😆😆😆😆😆

  • Red Freedom

    Red Freedom

     10 months ago

    Samuel l Jackson is in a lot of the PC movies now I guess



     10 months ago

    Antes de que entrará supuestamente con los vengadores era la pareja más violenta de PUNISHER