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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 9, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/KC_quez-9_Q


  • Raph Ella

    Raph Ella

     3 months ago +4182

    can we please have a reaction video to Shayne's old roles and projects

  • jesus christ himself

    jesus christ himself

     3 months ago +775

    Can you guys release Shayne and Courtneys audition tapes please?

  • Hai kidz

    Hai kidz

     3 months ago +405

    Why is courtney the only squad member that has an extremely cringy past

  • MrWaffelLP


     3 months ago +226

    Ian: "If I ever had a daughter, I'd imagine she'd be a lot like you."
    Courtney: "OMG really?"
    Ian: "Yes. That's why I'll never have kids."

  • Chiara Dusanek

    Chiara Dusanek

     3 months ago +475

    Right in the middle of Splash Mountain and Cringe Mountain is 100%, without a doubt, Ass Cheek Valley.

  • Lionel M.

    Lionel M.

     3 months ago +5101

    Idea: Entire Smosh crew remakes Courtney's old videos.

  • Alex M

    Alex M

     2 months ago +241

    "You look like Cole Sprouse!"
    puts Dylan Sprouse's headshot next to her

  • Look Behind You

    Look Behind You

     3 months ago +221

    Courtney LOVES getting humiliated... Maybe too much 🤔

  • Eva Rahman

    Eva Rahman

     3 months ago +255

    Does anyone want to actually watch Courtney's youtube series?
    Just me?
    Ok 😣

  • An ironic cucumber in Colorado

    An ironic cucumber in Colorado

     2 months ago +56

    I'd be down for a CCU
    Courtney Cinematic Universe

  • flxbby


     3 months ago +1001

    "Hi welcome to smosh, where we expose courtney and only courtney"

  • RobinFlysHigh


     3 months ago +388

    4:25 Courtney: "Have you ever heard of a pilot?"
    Me: "But you said this is episode 8." 😂😅😆😅😆

  • Annabelle R

    Annabelle R

     3 months ago +111

    14:14 I really thought he was going to say something about how even though she was weird then, she's pretty now and it gets better but then I realized it's Shane.

  • Keeley Ray

    Keeley Ray

     3 months ago +122

    Definitely thought CMP was Courtney’s Multiple Personalities, which made so much more sense in my head..

  • Triple Jay

    Triple Jay

     3 months ago +122

    So we dont actually see Courtney in the Smosh skit videos? We mostly see Gale and Shanon😂

  • Happy Unicorn

    Happy Unicorn

     3 months ago +2801

    Why does Courtney keep putting herself through this? Im actually starting to feel sorry for the embarrassment she goes through 😂

  • King Storm

    King Storm

     2 months ago +31

    Who ships Courtney and Shane?❤❤

  • R.W. Yoho

    R.W. Yoho

     3 months ago +72

    Courtney’s, like, kinda crazy.
    But also she’s my favorite.

  • Nabihah Fadilah

    Nabihah Fadilah

     3 months ago +36

    can we actually make "no vacancy" a series

  • No_NameTV


     1 months ago +23

    The 9th stage of Courtney is...
    Courtney “Freaking” Miller