Inside Mike Trapp's Gross New Animated Series

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 18, 2019
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    Yes, it IS like that one show crossed with that other show! Creator Mike Trapp, Sam Reich and the voice cast discuss DROPOUT's bold new cartoon.


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  • Frederik Massier

     (Jan 18, 2019)

    “She does a lot of drugs. That’s probably the only thing I have in common with her”*FBI OPEN UP*

  • Red Shirt

     (Jan 18, 2019)

    So this is The Magic School Bus uncensored

  • Grey Wild Wolf

     (Feb 19, 2019)

    +CollegeHumor I'll wait untill I'm 15

  • ystconnection

     (Feb 7, 2019)

    More like Magic School Bus meets Rick and Morty meets Breakfast Club meets etc.

  • shade_grey

     (Jan 18, 2019)

    I could not tell that brad was voiced by Zac at all... Which says a lot about how good of an actor he is.

  • Christian Altamirano

     (Jan 18, 2019)

    I love how the character concepts were so different, and how they just ended up using the cast as their inspiration.

  • Lilah Fidler

     (May 7, 2019)

    Zac is actually a sports fan, isn't he?

  • Jarrad Pawlowski

     (Mar 1, 2019)

    +Chris Kringle Brad's VA, who's (judging by his last name) Japanese.

  • Marder Alder

     (Jan 18, 2019)

    I will say, the school being named Dunning-Kruger High School was a *VERY* nice touch.For those who don't know, the Dunning-Kruger effect is where when someone's first starting to learn any given thing and are just learning the basics, they think they know everything and are super knowledgeable, until they learn a bit more at which point they realize they still have so much left to learn.

  • Jose De Leon

     (Apr 24, 2019)

    Like Physics?

  • DarkLadyvanStar

     (Feb 13, 2019)

    -hits bong- woah

  • Hi i am Elecktro

     (Jan 18, 2019)

    So it’s like Adam ruins everything x magic school bus

  • SerenityM16

     (Jan 22, 2019)

    CollegeHumor And by legally you mean not at all cause Prof Foxtrot is really just Rick


     (Jan 21, 2019)

    No its rick and morty + the magic schoolbus

  • David Humphries

     (Jan 18, 2019)

    *Damn, you really had to show Kevin J Caterpillar? Too soon (RIP)*

  • nicolas

     (Jan 23, 2019)


  • Explolsive Cake

     (Jan 19, 2019)

    It's only up up up into a better place now buddy *sheds a tear*

  • Connor Surette

     (Jan 18, 2019)

    Professor Foxtrott is essentially the spawn of Rick Sanchez(Rick & Morty) and Ms. Frizzle(The Magic School Bus) after a drunken one night stand. I can't wait for the next episode to come out!

  • AShineeStarlitInSomniac

     (Jan 18, 2019)

    "River does a lot of drugs" 🤣

  • J -_

     (Jan 21, 2019)

    Hello sweetie

  • AShineeStarlitInSomniac

     (Jan 19, 2019)

    +River .... Ok you do some drugs. Not a lot but still more than none

  • Mr. Friendship

     (Jan 18, 2019)

    *_Mike Trapp's animation should have been published on Nickelodeon._*


     (Jan 21, 2019)

    No they would fit better on adult swim.

  • Javier Fernandez

     (Jan 18, 2019)

    +Mr. Friendship the rugrats are old enough to do a friend's reboot.