Safari on Tatooine

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 23, 2019
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  • CollegeHumor


     6 months ago +38

    Full 20-minute length episodes of Um, Actually every dang week on DROPOUT. Try it now free:

  • MythicTyrant


     6 months ago +809

    As much as I love this show in general, I can't help but be annoyed by this episode. It didn't seem like any of the folks were even trying to get the answers correct, but rather were just trying to be funny with incorrect answers. Also tangents can be cool, but they seem to be dominating the episodes lately. I'd love to see more questions and answers per episode while scaling back the tangents.

  • unnero1


     6 months ago +272

    Is it just me that prefers the earlier episodes where they were actually trying to get these right and not just get some people together and make unfunny jokes most of the time and spout intentionally wrong answers all the time?

  • Pokerface


     6 months ago +227

    I like this show, but god their tangents just go on forever. We only get like four questions in 12 minutes. I don't know how long the full episode is, but if it's not an hour (or it's not edited down), then we're looking at like 8 questions total. C'mon guys, save the improv jokes for a podcast, huh?

  • see


     6 months ago +21

    mike trapp is so sweet, always fake-laughing at everyone's sad attempt at nerdy stand-up

  • Jacob Anderson

    Jacob Anderson

     6 months ago +159

    Someone apparently told Danielle that the point of this show was to "come up with the dumbest, unfunny answer you can think of that is definitely incorrect". Whole episode was ruined by her annoying attempts to steal the scene. I'm even more annoyed that her idiotic answers somehow got her the win.

  • Conner O'Sullivan

    Conner O'Sullivan

     6 months ago +520

    Danielle Radford seems to try to hard to be funny :/

  • Orzhvopatriarch


     6 months ago +135

    Every comment saying that Danielle was a bad guest? Pretty spot on.

  • Emily Durkee

    Emily Durkee

     6 months ago +22

    Hey guys, please title the videos "Um, Actually" people miss the videos otherwise

  • Alison Sharpe

    Alison Sharpe

     6 months ago +109

    Trap seems depressed in this vid.

  • Matt Postle

    Matt Postle

     6 months ago +133

    Good improv there Danielle.. switching up Marvel Apes into Marvel Eights... so.. so... witty.

  • Aaron Granados

    Aaron Granados

     6 months ago +58

    Um actually Thor isn't a human

  • Ollyoxenfree


     6 months ago +26

    Idk why but I find it disrespectful that that aren’t taking the game more seriously. Find contestants that at least know a little bit about nerd culture

  • Andrew C.

    Andrew C.

     6 months ago +126

    Yeah Danielle kinda ruined this episode for me

  • TheScaper28


     6 months ago +281

    Christ this episode is pretty weak, poor guests made episode crap.

  • Jack Sharkey

    Jack Sharkey

     6 months ago +113

    my god woman, this is not your show

  • Marcurzz


     6 months ago +37

    Umm, actually... The video title is incorrect, Tatooine is only spelt with two t's, not three
    EDIT: They have it correct in the actual video, but still...

  • Stephanie


     6 months ago +49

    I couldn't finish this episode with Danielle's insane struggle to be funny.

  • hamilton euzarraga

    hamilton euzarraga

     6 months ago +21

    Can she shut up and answer the question

  • James Aditya

    James Aditya

     6 months ago +8

    Yea you guys flopped pretty hard for this episode's casting