Obsessive Boyfriends Are SO Romantic!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 24, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/JeBRPdbTZw8


  • VJ CatGirl

    VJ CatGirl

     7 months ago +5359

    The real horror is that some people are actually like this

  • EvantyWelwyn


     6 months ago +1734

    I think the saddest part is that there are women and men who actually believe this is romantic or sexy.

  • sevenisthebest _

    sevenisthebest _

     7 months ago +4652

    my boyfriend’s killed my entire family just to have me to himself, so cute!!!!!!!!!

  • Sinnamon Roll

    Sinnamon Roll

     7 months ago +1121

    Are these the girls that think Joker and Harley are relationship goals?

  • Margaret Ransdell-Green

    Margaret Ransdell-Green

     6 months ago +1969

    Insane boyfriend: holds up fake rooster WHO IS THIS?!?

  • danteelite


     6 months ago +1038

    "Ya know.. it's funny. When you look at someone through rose colored glasses, all the red flags... just look like flags."
    Wanda - Bojack Horseman.

  • Ben Hinman

    Ben Hinman

     7 months ago +1518

    "No he thinks i'm stupid and doesn't want me embarrassing him."
    "You are!!!"
    "I know!!!"
    Ahahaha so true

  • Keyli Schmitz

    Keyli Schmitz

     6 months ago +1821

    This was too real.... for me I wasn’t laughing, I just saw a lot of accuracy. After a while of being manipulated, it’s too easy to be completely blind to seeing this kind of behavior as unacceptable . It becomes normal... it becomes the definition of love. 2 years out of that relationship I’m still healing from a lot of trauma, but I’m finally getting my life back together. If you’re in this kind of relationship I URGE you to get out. Please, there’s way too many people in this world for you to be suffering over 1 person. It’s not love, it’s abuse.

  • Amira Daugherty

    Amira Daugherty

     7 months ago +897

    *Frantically changing my Dad’s name to Dadina in my phone*

  • Phoebus Idratato

    Phoebus Idratato

     6 months ago +651

    He threatened to kill me so he can keep the body for himself
    SO R OM A NT I C

  • Portable Thunderstorm

    Portable Thunderstorm

     6 months ago +1304

    You guys left out the part where he dictates what you wear so men don't stare at you

  • Candi Soda

    Candi Soda

     6 months ago +301

    You think that's bad, this happened in real life.
    A friend was about to break up with her bf and the bf took her to a graveyard where her dead mom was buried and said "Do you think SHE would want us to break up?" Of course she cried..
    She told me and I didn't really know what to say, so I just said.. "Well.. that's fucking weird.. He's kind of a weird fella isn't he.."

  • Karina G

    Karina G

     6 months ago +342

    My ex tried to convince my friend that I was pregnant so she could trick me into going to his house.
    Unfortunately for him said friend knew I I don’t want kids.
    He tried to pull the “we’re pregnant pls take me back” when I’m the one with the uterus.

  • Cory Mck

    Cory Mck

     7 months ago +3286

    3 women eating salads while laughing in a soft white-lit room.
    When did CollegeHumor start making Stock photos?

  • Kevin Simmons

    Kevin Simmons

     6 months ago +560

    All the dislikes are from people who boycott Gillette

  • Jennifer Gruhl

    Jennifer Gruhl

     6 months ago +145

    This obviously is satire, but it was almost too scary and disturbing at times!

  • alaskaninfidel907


     7 months ago +748

    Can we get one on obsessive girlfriends? Cuz honestly I feel like we kinda sweep the domestic abuse of men under the table in this country. Dont get me wrong domestic abuse in general is a horrible thing but honestly we really dont have any kind of support for men in a domestic abuse situation. I've actually had girlfriends in the past do very similar things in the past to me and even had one cut me with a knife. When I tried calling the domestic abuse hotline they tried counciling me on not abusing her. I got no help from them and had to completely change my number and delete social media for a while. I mean if we really are at a age of equality can we not see that men suffer from this horrible thing as well and help each other out?

  • Isaac Bunton

    Isaac Bunton

     7 months ago +99

    Just freaking amazing, even if it's kinda scary how this topic is made so glorified to say the least. I'm looking at you twilight and fifty shades of emotional manipulation.

  • Dev Mathur

    Dev Mathur

     7 months ago +172

    let us just hope no one takes this as actual love and relationship advice.

  • Red Overdrive, the unstoppable confused daltonic!!

    Red Overdrive, the unstoppable confused daltonic!!

     7 months ago +148

    taking notes
    - dungeon
    - ankle chain
    - stone walls
    - small, way too high window
    - bowl of salad