The voices of children separated at the border

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 19, 2018
  • Over 2,300 children have been separated from their families.Read ProPublica reporter Ginger Thompson’s article here: listen to the full audio clip at ProPublica’s YouTube channel here: In April 2018, the Trump administration and Attorney General Jeff Sessions instituted a “zero tolerance” policy on undocumented immigration. Undocumented migrants and asylum seekers detained at the border now face immediate criminal prosecution, often before their asylum claims can even be processed. Thousands of children and other migrants are now being held in detention centers operated by US Customs and Border Protection, where they await trial.A backlash against this policy is growing, with conservatives and liberals alike decrying it as cruel and inhumane. Both the White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and Sessions have explicitly cited the policy as a preemptive deterrent to undocumented migration, though the administration has since backtracked on that message. We want to help shed light on this. Has your family been separated at the US–Mexico border? Are you a worker at a detention center, or do you aid families who have been affected? Tell us more at or 347-244-2134.In our Vox+ProPublica collaboration, we create deep-dive, investigative video storytelling fueled by ProPublica's reporting. You can read the reporting at, and watch the rest of the series on YouTube at is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out our full video catalog: Vox on Facebook: Twitter: to the ProPublica newsletter:
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  • Vox


     a years ago +1165

    Has your family been separated at the US–Mexico border? Are you a worker at a detention center, or do you aid families who have been affected?
    If you want to share a story, you can get in touch with ProPublica at or 347-244-2134.

  • Ageng Setiyawan

    Ageng Setiyawan

     a years ago +1288

    Give back the statue of liberty to france

  • Joachim Macdonald

    Joachim Macdonald

     a years ago +369

    The fact that this video has over 1k dislikes is deeply concerning.

  • ericthecartrider


     a years ago +581

    I understand, illegal immigrants are not allowed in this country, but separating children from their parents is just inhumane and can damage a child mentally.

  • Jirachi


     a years ago +691

    I've seen that this audio exists but I couldn't bring myself to listen to it until just today. It makes my skin crawl and it's so horrific....
    Seriously how can anyone be in support of this?

  • Zheng XinYu

    Zheng XinYu

     a years ago +269

    It's sad when people used the bible to justify this.

  • Andrick Nyx

    Andrick Nyx

     a years ago +826

    This surpasses any political argument. If you don’t see what’s wrong with this we have a difference in morals not politics.

  • Nina Z

    Nina Z

     11 months ago +57

    Exodus 22:21
    “Do not mistreat or oppress a foreigner, for you were foreigners in Egypt.”

  • Nathan Azuero

    Nathan Azuero

     a years ago +342

    this hurts even more when you consider that this video’s uploading date is father’s day in latin america.

  • Jacob Rogala

    Jacob Rogala

     a years ago +89

    This traumatic experience increases these children's chances to become poorly adjusted adults with nothing to lose. Poorly adjusted adults with nothing to lose are the people who are most likely to commit crimes in order to sustain themselves. Therefore, it is in none of our best interests for this policy to exist.

  • Keyboard Commando

    Keyboard Commando

     a years ago +169

    South Americans would not be in this situation where they are forced to immigrate illegally, if it were not for the CIA installing authoritarian governments, funding and arming cartels and making legally seeking asylum or immigrating so insanely difficult.
    We should've taken responsibility for the damage Nixon and Reagan's war on drugs did to South America, a long, long time ago.
    But this does not stop a disturbing amount of people from blaming South Americans for their authoritarian governments and crime, when it was out of the people's hands. Why hold your country accountable when you can just shift the blame towards the minorities? It works every time, and so many gullible people fall for it.
    We annihilated South American society, took no responsibility. When the consequences started affecting the homefront, rather than address the problem, we create an anti-South American narrative within the media, especially conservative circles, to alienate and dehumanize them. The increasing hostility towards South Americans in the US led to immigration red tape, so thick, it can take up to ten years to get a green card.
    Despite our treatment of South American countries, they have stood by us as loyal allies against Chinese and Russian interests.
    Until recently.
    I'll leave why up to interpretation, but it's not rocket science.
    If you, for some reason, think an expansion of Russian or Chinese influence should not be our concern, forward your question to the men and women inside Russian/Chinese dissent camps/gulags.
    There's a small problem, though. You might have some difficulty communicating with them.
    Corpses aren't very talkative.

  • Val Ciobanu

    Val Ciobanu

     a years ago +792

    Humanity has evolved into some kind of nightmare.

  • Steve B

    Steve B

     a years ago +548

    People need to start remembering the chant, "THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING!" It's been used many times in the past to point out injustice. This seems one of those times.

  • Stephanie Martinez

    Stephanie Martinez

     a years ago +726

    People are ridiculous thinking that people willingly cross the border for the fun of it. These countries have intense issues such as gang violence and poverty in which parents seek the best future for their children. It’s inhumane for this government to blind the fact that this country is made up of immigrants yearning to succeed in this country.

  • Paola M.

    Paola M.

     a years ago +1461

    This breaks my heart

  • Popcorn Cat

    Popcorn Cat

     a years ago +29

    Some of the comments made me lost faith in humanity...

  • PoDH


     a years ago +820

    First what happen to separation of church and state?
    Second you site the same Bible that told humans to help the poor, the needy.

  • short handed

    short handed

     a years ago +123

    You have to be a proper psycho to think separating children from their parents is all right.

  • Autan4


     a years ago +446

    From Italy a question to U.S.A. citizens: Are going out of your mind or what???

  • silvervixen007


     a years ago +1437

    I honestly can't understand how something like that can happen?