TVF's The Making Of.. | S02E01 | A Star Son

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 9, 2016
  • Watch the inspiring journey of a middle class star kid Polaris Kapoor, who not only saw but achieved the dream of becoming the next superstar. Download the TVFPLAY App Android: iOS: Director : Prem MistryWriters : Chandan Sharma, Abhishek YadavExecutive Producer: Arun KumarCinematography by: Apoorva Shaligram Edited by: Sahil VermaCasting by: CastingbayProduction Designer: Asutosh Patnik and Mahendra PotdarSync Sound: Rajesh PradhanMotion graphics and Design: Lengdon SK. Phukan & Madhuri RathiAssistant Directors: Sangram Naiksatam, Yashodhan Mhatre & Amir Musanna Assistant Cinematographer: Shreedutta NamjoshiColor Grading: Amit KulkarniProduction Controller: Prashant RaiCostume stylist: Sachi GuptaMusic by: FosterBlackSound Engineer: Nikhil Gawale Post Production Manager: Gaurav RungtaTVF Social Media team: Brijesh Muliya & Milan BarsopiaMaking : Kunal HassanandaniLights: Rental Light HouseProduction Assistant: Vijay and GaneshMake up: Tauseef Sheikh & Deepak Kumar ChaudharyCast: Polaris Kapoor: Vibhav Roy & Piyush RainaJohri Bhai: Sumeet VyasChaatu Director: Jitendra KumarPapa Kapoor: Sanathan ModyMaa Kapoor: Aparna KumarSuRekhaJi: Sujata SehgalDirector 1: Shivankit PariharDirector 2: Chandan Sharma Tendua Shroff: Rudraksh ThakurManojuddin Siddhique: Manuj SharmaSoorjamukhi Pancholi: Sandeep GoyatKid Polaris Kapoor: Dwarkadhish AdhiyaIf you came till here, you surely are not very busy, comment "Happy Birthday Prem Mere Bhai. Stop being an asshole" - The Description Guy.
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  • Debasish Pothal

    Debasish Pothal

     2 years ago +2205

    actors of this channel are way better than 90% bollywood so called craps

  • JR Productions

    JR Productions

     5 months ago +671

    Arjun kapoor should be proud of his Biopic.

  • bhargav reddy

    bhargav reddy

     2 years ago +1043

    Every award function shows Amitabh bachan's reaction when Rekha is announcing something on the stage. Kudos to TVF for focusing on that micro detail.

  • Top Trend

    Top Trend

     2 years ago +620

    perfect slap to nepotism of bollywood society,,its even not an industry we can call..

  • Tushar Pardeshi

    Tushar Pardeshi

     7 months ago +202

    Acting ke liye body double ki zaroorat padegi..!!😂😂 I love this one..😂😂😂

  • Skylie


     5 months ago +254

    Lol I love how they’re basically saying Sonam Kapoor is dumb as a rock! 😂

  • Ajay Bhardwaj

    Ajay Bhardwaj

     a years ago +138

    "Jo decision lene m Shahrukh ne 20 saal laga diye...." Awesome and very true. Almost every time the sarcasm hits, I am like "wow". I also had the same thoughts.

  • soneelita


     3 months ago +128

    Polaris looks more like Ranbir Kapoor than Arjun Kapoor.

  • Rahima Akhtar

    Rahima Akhtar

     10 months ago +320

    Kangana should see this, she will love it. Nepotism needs to stop

  • tamanna ahmed

    tamanna ahmed

     2 months ago +60

    i agree with everything. specifically the 'SODUMB KAPOOR' 😉

  • No Ethickks!

    No Ethickks!

     a years ago +128

    Amitabh's reactions towards rekha was hilarious

  • ashish kumar

    ashish kumar

     8 months ago +56

    A video showing the reality.
    And dedicated to chutiya... Arjun Kapoor.

  • bhanu pratap singh chauhan

    bhanu pratap singh chauhan

     2 months ago +44

    THIS STAR KID was combo of 3 star kids
    >Ranbir Kapoor----------------- son and grand son of big star
    >Arjun kapoor ----- a very fat kid who later worked in Gunday
    >Tiger shroff--------------- THe list of genre of movies of Tiger shroff are akso same Action in every movie. The whole Gym sequecne was based on tiger shroff's Heropanti his hat and what the agent said -Action toh khud kar leta hai bas acting ke liye double chahiye

  • Adarsh Chaudhary

    Adarsh Chaudhary

     2 years ago +1513

    Abhishek bacchan, ranbir kapoor, tiger shroff are not the idiots...Real idiots are those who are their fans..

  • Narendra Rai

    Narendra Rai

     3 days ago +2

    BEST LINE - Are u dating your girlfriend .No we are just good friends.👌👌

  • Vedprakash Chawla

    Vedprakash Chawla

     2 months ago +48

    Hit like if u noticed something weird with the trophy 😂😂

  • Keep it Short

    Keep it Short

     3 months ago +48

    Disclaimer : No Actors were harmed during the making of this Video....!!

  • freaky gamer

    freaky gamer

     2 years ago +169

    Jitu ko pada flying shoes 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Debottamaa Sarkar

    Debottamaa Sarkar

     2 years ago +1411

    Polaris kapoor is a cross between ranbir kapoor and arjun kapoor.

  • Priyansh Garg

    Priyansh Garg

     2 months ago +34

    Karan johar would be soo proud😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Also Daddy kapoor looks much like Vijay Mallya😂😂😂😂