11 जासूसी और मजेदार पहेलियाँ एक साथ | unRiddle

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 17, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/HjoRfT41OwY


  • Akash Sharma

     9 months ago

    kyuki ek aadmi deer ko meat de raha hae

  • Qureshi Rizwan

     21 days ago

    b box

  • Ramrakshaprasad Prasad

     21 days ago

    1+1multiple 2-2=2

  • Rashma Khan

     2 months ago

    Spoune,glass ,spoun jug ,handle of almera

  • nutanyui kumari

     1 months ago

    1+1 X 2-2=1ans

  • Rajan Dhall

     24 days ago


  • logic brain

     2 months ago

    Breckets of devide multiply addition subtraction

  • Heera Singh

     2 months ago

    First difference Bowl pr hSecond difference spoon or h

  • Qureshi Rizwan

     21 days ago

    i have got 5 diffrent things

  • queen angle

     3 months ago

    B mork ha because which boy was giving water , for the plant there was no stones and a one boyWas jumping in the river there was stones deep inside the river.

  • Nomami Mozinder Baruah

     10 months ago

    deer did not eat meat