House votes to subpoena Conway over Hatch Act violations

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 26, 2019
  • The House Oversight Committee voted to subpoena testimony from White House counselor Kellyanne Conway after a federal agency recommended that she should be fired for repeatedly violating a law that limits the political activities of federal employees. #CNN #News
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  • MsLansones


     1 months ago +447

    Is this a good time to chant LOCK HER UP!?

  • Chef C

    Chef C

     1 months ago +88

    I would love to see these ppl treated like the common man, and go to jail for not showing up to a mandatory court date.



     1 months ago +74

    Ignoring SUBPOEIAS,
    no matter WHO submits them, should be a FEDERAL OFFENCE.
    And should warrant an arrest!!!
    No matter WHO THEY ARE!!!

  • ptavangar


     1 months ago +104

    So I can simply ignore a subpoena? Why are there different standards?

  • Gwen30


     1 months ago +31

    She is awful!!!!! These people should be fined and LOCKED UP!!!!! "NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW"!!!!!

  • FULLmeltHASH


     1 months ago +696

    She was constantly doing it, and even said “let me know when the sentencing begins”... well, it’s about to begin soon b/tch.

  • David tinch

    David tinch

     1 months ago +15

    I saw her endorse Roy Moore over Doug Jones on national TV, she can't deny she did it... It's on tape!!!

  • Vince Fernandez

    Vince Fernandez

     1 months ago +18

    People need to realize the oranges of Kellyanne Conway's lack of concern for violating the Hatch Act law. Her boss is proud of her lack of respect for the law.
    The orange doesn't fall far from the tree.

  • ThE DuCk

    ThE DuCk

     1 months ago +15

    Kellyanne testifying in front of congress would be a calamity of alternative facts Lucy Ricardo style !!
    Lucy you got some 'splainin to do

  • G_ Man21

    G_ Man21

     1 months ago +180

    No one is above the law. We are a democracy, not a dictatorship.

  • mrt57rn


     1 months ago +686

    I hope cameras will be allowed. I want to watch her lie to get out of this. 😂 🤣

  • Charles Vincent Formoso

    Charles Vincent Formoso

     1 months ago +59

    I am 100 + 1% sure she's gonna lie or refuse to testify

  • OceanBlue Heart

    OceanBlue Heart

     1 months ago +11

    She's expecting Trump to save her.
    The question is will Trump use his presidential pardoning power? And if not will She betray Trump and spill the beans when she realizes you've been used & dumped like so many others of Trumps underlings.

  • tihzho


     1 months ago +49

    If you or I ignored a subpoena an arrest warrant would be issued, we'd be arrested and put in jail. However Trump's administration and the GOP believes they're above the law we peasants must follow.
    Remember this when come voting time.

  • Anthony Ianosel

    Anthony Ianosel

     1 months ago +7

    Malicious harassment ....they should be hauled to a military court and off with them in chains to Guantanamo Bay as enemy combatants!

  • ozzie k

    ozzie k

     1 months ago +261

    Good luck with getting a straight answer out of her.

  • Tom George

    Tom George

     1 months ago +12

    Lead prosecutor GEORGE CONWAY 😁😁

  • 7rob27


     1 months ago +8

    That’s hilarious. She’s never gonna show up.
    The president of law and order is gonna do his signature move. Obstruction of justice!

  • Brandon Rousseau

    Brandon Rousseau

     1 months ago +5

    Its administrators like K. Conway who represent the best of whom need to Drain the Swamp! Hipocrites.

  • immensely human

    immensely human

     1 months ago +40

    How dafuck does this administration keep getting away with the bullshiiiit?