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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
  • We talk a great deal about Unity in Diversity but there's a certain word that we come across everyday that remains undefined. 'Anti National'.

    What is 'Anti National'? What makes us 'Anti-National'? Well here's our best attempt at trying to find it's meaning with the help of a very 'Special' person.

    Written, Directed and Presented by Raunaq Mangottil
    Co-Directed by Karthikeyan
    Edited by Balaji Arumugam, Venkat Krishna
    Shot by Balaji Arumugam, Kishen Das, Karthikeyan
    Co-Starring Sarveshwara Narayanan KR
    Special Thanks to 'God'

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  • Jack



    As of today, 537 dislikes. So who are they to disagree with this statement?

  • Sri Raghavi

    Sri Raghavi

     3 days ago


  • King Maker

    King Maker

     23 days ago

    Woow best of luck 👍

  • Ajay Kumar

    Ajay Kumar

     25 days ago

    Pa. Sema mokka logic. I didn’t expect this from someone like Kamal. Utterly disappointed. This is quite literally sowing seeds of dissent and separatism.
    I’m sure Kamal knows the explanation is far more nuanced than this white/black logic. Not for some reason only concentrated on one side. Because that’s what people want to hear. And focusing on other aspects is ‘not politically correct’ and will put a black spot in this white wash.

  • s karthi

    s karthi

     28 days ago

    Pakistan karan nammala attack pannuvan, namma avan kaal la poi vizhanuma, ungaluku itha solla vekama illa, enaikume indian tha gethu, Pakistan is always an enemy for us, Hindustan Zindabad

  • Ram Kumar Palaniappan

    Ram Kumar Palaniappan

     1 months ago

    Aandavar rocks :) 👍

  • Sai Gunti

    Sai Gunti

     1 months ago

    We are humanists :)



     1 months ago

    Super bro

  • Prakash Rajamohan

    Prakash Rajamohan

     1 months ago

    Let's give Kamal a chance. He will give us good governance. He has that clarity, agenda and of course the leadership.

  • Thiyagarajah Abilashini

    Thiyagarajah Abilashini

     1 months ago

    well said!

  • Rajagopal Anban

    Rajagopal Anban

     1 months ago

    kamal sir please become PM

  • Pon Mahendran Mahendran

    Pon Mahendran Mahendran

     1 months ago

    1 நாம் Africa ல இருந்து வர்ல
    2, Africa தான் லெமூயா(குமரிக்கண்டம்) ல இருந்து வந்துது

  • Steven Aquila

    Steven Aquila

     1 months ago

    So people who blame others for being human are racists.
    But the hardest Truth is they are the majority

  • Praveen Kuppuswamy

    Praveen Kuppuswamy

     2 months ago

    Well conveyed nanbaa:-)

  • CS Digital Media

    CS Digital Media

     2 months ago

    payanum payanum ok ponnum ponnum okvaa

  • Muni Rathnam

    Muni Rathnam

     2 months ago

    Kamal Is anti Hindu and can comment only on Hindus

  • Jahirul Islam

    Jahirul Islam

     2 months ago

    Hindi hindi hindi hindi hindi hindi hindi hindi hindi hindi Urdu Urdu Urdu Urdu Urdu

  • Like Comment & Share

    Like Comment & Share

     2 months ago

    3:27 to 3:40 well said as well opted vision....வேற்றுமையில் ஒற்றுமை தான் மனித பண்பு அதுவே இந்தியா. எவன் மனிதத்தை மதிக்காமல் ஜாதி, மதம் ,மொழி ,இனம் ,நிறம் என்று வேற்றுமையை பிடித்து தொங்குகின்றானோ அவனே மிகப்பெரிய கேடுகட்ட சாக்கடை .....

  • Tamil Azhagan

    Tamil Azhagan

     2 months ago superb.

  • Muthusamy Karthic

    Muthusamy Karthic

     2 months ago

    நல்ல பதிவு...