America's Worst Heist: The Unperfect Crime (Crime Documentary) | Real Stories

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 21, 2019
  • Expanded two-hour special about the 1997 Loomis-Fargo armored car heist in North Carolina and the serio-comic fate of its bumbling underdog perpetrators who fell victim to avarice, mutual betrayals, and false romantic promises.

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  • budda alsaduh

    budda alsaduh

     5 hours ago

    Do not forget the tittle it's UNPERFECT CRIME so do not blame the thieves that was the plan but it turned up UNPERFECT to those who are more experienced in stealing

  • Jessica C. Solomon

    Jessica C. Solomon

     20 hours ago

    Man, I like David. Ha ha. I kind of wish he would have been the one that came up with the plan and told nobody. If he was the only person, he could have gotten away with it.

  • godson johnson

    godson johnson


    David was played, he was the mastermind and only took 30K of the loot while living his young family back.

  • Ron San

    Ron San


    I steal one dollar i gotta steal them all

  • Arvéy Illeszender

    Arvéy Illeszender


    He’s actually likeable!

  • Ryan Muneer Tapodoc

    Ryan Muneer Tapodoc


    Wasnt this made into a movie?? Masterminds?? I think that was the title.. pretty funny too..😁

  • Sam King

    Sam King


    The moral of the story? Don't steal $17M in cash unless you have a way of getting it out of the country and don't speak on the phone. Also kill your partners before they kill you!

  • Sam King

    Sam King


    Agents in the furniture store listening to them planning a murder...that's got to be a lie! These criminals were stupid but no way...More like they'd illegally bugged the place, ain't no one planning a murder within earshot of a couple of "customers"

  • Der Wahnsinnige

    Der Wahnsinnige


    he was a good person, served in the military, worked as hard as he could, and still couldn't pay his bills!
    there is something wrong with your system ,no wonder that so many good people become criminals if you are not rewarded for hard work!

  • Christopher King

    Christopher King


    35:02 Hello Ms. Mayor!
    36:27 "I been thrown outta places much better than this!" Classy.
    38:44 Whatchatalkin' bout Willis! Total Side-Eye LOL

  • Sid W S Andrew Afyouni

    Sid W S Andrew Afyouni


    The dramatizations are absolutely horrible....the actors are the lowest quality

  • veaudor


     2 days ago

    THIS would be a fantastic movie.

  • White Boy

    White Boy

     2 days ago

    Should be called the biggest bunch of retards to ever attempt a heist

  • Sheerluck Holmes

    Sheerluck Holmes

     3 days ago

    Kelly texted him 143: he thought it meant I Love You when she really meant U Will Die

  • alle126


     3 days ago

    That FBI agent is fine!!!

  • Firstname Lastname is allowed

    Firstname Lastname is allowed

     3 days ago

    143 is pager code for I love you!

  • Lawsin


     3 days ago

    I guess 143 means I hate you..

  • Frances Gillotti

    Frances Gillotti

     3 days ago

    I love heist stories very exciting .

  • Paul Saul

    Paul Saul

     3 days ago

    ...did FBI team took some of the money too? Surely not accounted for....nobody knows..

  • Kamakshi Gopal

    Kamakshi Gopal

     3 days ago

    What a security lapse...leaving all the keys to a vault of 17 m dollars to one person🧐