Yolanda Adams Sings "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" With Fantasia & Andra Day

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 11, 2019
  • Thank you so much for the wonderful comments about the Aretha Franklin tribute I performed with Fantasia and Andra Day at the GRAMMYs!!
  • Source: https://youtu.be/G6kOaXqjuwE


  • Genna Blakes

    Genna Blakes

     6 months ago +1162

    When Fantasia goes to bouncing, you know she's getting ready to throw down a note.

  • G E

    G E

     6 months ago +462

    Yolanda adams though...... She can do what every she wants, She's a vocal Genius

  • lalagonegaga


     6 months ago +673

    Good thing they chose the right people to do this job properly. THAT'S how you do a tribute.

  • Cashelle Cayenne

    Cashelle Cayenne

     6 months ago +541

    Is it wrong for me to say this was the best performance through out the whole award show

  • jolie markyest

    jolie markyest

     6 months ago +319

    FANTASIA!!! they all were GREAT but TASIA took it to the SOUL!!

  • Erica  Patillo

    Erica Patillo

     6 months ago +705

    This is how the Motown tribute should’ve been like. Just saying.

  • Derrick Dease

    Derrick Dease

     6 months ago +550

    The harmonization between these 3 women who I'm sure have never performed together before was truly amazing.

  • J Gang

    J Gang

     6 months ago +444

    I love me some andra day... but I wasn’t feeling the outfit 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Reginaldo Pitanga

    Reginaldo Pitanga

     6 months ago +464

    I just needed Fantasia.

  • Samantha L. Parks

    Samantha L. Parks

     6 months ago +303

    Yolanda’s dress!!! OMG!

  • Christian Bonilla

    Christian Bonilla

     6 months ago +238

    Only complaint is that it was too short and each artist should have gotten a solo.

  • Markez Beverly

    Markez Beverly

     6 months ago +241

    This was a great performance but the disrespect for the tribute to be the last act and only one song, andra day could of did ain’t no way, Yolanda- say a little prayer, Fantasia- respect then finish with natural woman. But they did amazing

  • Arnold Anderson

    Arnold Anderson

     6 months ago +130

    Yolanda is definitely a legend for a reason🙌🏾 Pipes!

  • Queentia Smith

    Queentia Smith

     6 months ago +158

    FANTAsia looks so Good man and they sound so amazing

  • ron campbell

    ron campbell

     6 months ago +225

    Fantasia all we needed

  • markthibeaux23


     6 months ago +228

    Fantasia is the🐐👑She needed this tribute alone

  • Kirven Barnes

    Kirven Barnes

     6 months ago +131

    If they do a Disney Hercules live action movie. These are three of the Muses. Yolanda is the lead singer. 💯

  • DW 001

    DW 001

     6 months ago +172

    Jlo take note and stop messing at ppl's ceremonies!!!

  • Jansol Jones

    Jansol Jones

     6 months ago +81

    Fantasia can do no wrong BUT it is so nice and refreshing to hear her belt a note like that F5(please correct me if I’m wrong) as clean as it was without so much rasp and growl like she is known to do 😍😫

  • Pbaby89


     6 months ago +104

    This was a magical performance! I loved it from beginning to end. Yolonda voice is so pure and beautiful, Andra voice is soulful but Fantasia voice whew chile she took it to church hunty! Wowjust beautiful!