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  • Published on:  Monday, March 20, 2017
  • Village Parliament

    Thanks to Balkam laxman and khaj mohd

    Script and Direction : kotte gangareddy
    Editing and production : s.srikanth

    we do parodies, fun short films, songs, we show our culture, festivals ,development and regular activities videos. once check out all of my village show videos you people really enjoy lot.

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    village : Lambadipally
    mandal : Mallial
    district : Jagityal
    state : Telangana

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    blog :

    if you want to give any suggestions for next videos please mention in the comment section.we will try to make it.
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  • RK Gamer

    RK Gamer

     14 days ago +1

    Who all are watching in 2k19 like the button ❤💥❤

  • abdul raza A1

    abdul raza A1

     14 days ago

    Super marlament👌

  • Mahesh Mahesh Muthangi

    Mahesh Mahesh Muthangi

     21 days ago

    Very funny

  • Ramesh Kalapala

    Ramesh Kalapala

     1 months ago

    They should concentrate on their studies .. instead of doing this use less videos

  • Ramesh Kalapala

    Ramesh Kalapala

     1 months ago

    Intha kanaa Machi co cocepts amee levaa baabu?

  • saketh reddy

    saketh reddy

     1 months ago

    Anna mee life story nee. meru my village show ala start chesaru ala oka video cheyandi

  • venkatesh peddalavenkatesh

    venkatesh peddalavenkatesh

     2 months ago

    Anna part 2 anna

  • D Krishna

    D Krishna

     2 months ago

    Parliament Baga Nach Hindi

  • Ravi Ponnam

    Ravi Ponnam

     2 months ago


  • vinod vinday

    vinod vinday

     2 months ago

    అన్నా వీడియోలు బాగానే ఉన్నాయి కానీ సమాజానికి ఉపయోగపడే వీడియోలు తీయండి plz

  • Anji Avula

    Anji Avula

     2 months ago

    Jagan ni imitates chesina anna kathi super ashal

  • Venkatesh Rathod

    Venkatesh Rathod

     3 months ago

    Super anna

  • frndship channel

    frndship channel

     3 months ago

    Srikanth Anna dhintlo anil Anna miss aindu anil Anna unte kiraak untunde Anna

  • frndship channel

    frndship channel

     3 months ago

    Srikanth Anna videos superb Anna kiraak nen daily chustuna amazing Anna Chala Chala bagunayi anna

  • Shaik Abi

    Shaik Abi

     4 months ago


  • Ramesh Nenavath

    Ramesh Nenavath

     4 months ago

    Super brother 's

  • Arun Neela

    Arun Neela

     4 months ago

    Super videos bro

  • Agent X Spartan

    Agent X Spartan

     4 months ago

    Super boss plz call me

  • Kaitha Nagaraju

    Kaitha Nagaraju

     4 months ago

    Where is anil darling

  • naveen desi

    naveen desi

     4 months ago

    Part 2 please