Sky-Watcher AZ-GTi Mount review - New model 2017 - Wifi control & battery powered.

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 7, 2017
  • I saw this mount recently on the Astro Pete's website and ordered one.

    This is a brand new model and I could not find a video review of it online so decided to make one for the benefit of others interested in this mount.

    Questions, comments and constructive criticism are always welcome.

    If you are a Flat Earther and you just want to post insults please don't waste your time as I will delete your comment from this video. Post it elsewhere on my channel as this video has nothing to do with Flat Earth.
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  • FES TV

     (Oct 7, 2017)

    Damn you man :) You have all these equipment :) I HATE YOU !!! ha ha ha GREAT MAN , keep on !

  • WildPhotoShooter

     (Oct 7, 2017)

    Yeah he has a great toybox.

  • Linda Miller

     (Mar 14, 2019)

    Hey Wolfie, thanks so much for making this, hard to find tutorials on this model and app, life saver!

  • Malcolm Davis

     (May 23, 2018)

    This is great - looks a perfect, low cost GOTO mount for my ED-80 apo refractor.

  • Flat Earth Debunked

     (Sep 26, 2018)

    Thanks for your review. Today I got my telescope with the same mount and this really helped me to set it up

  • George Hnatiuk

     (Oct 7, 2017)

    Hey Wolfie,Nice equipment. You should point out to our FE friends that this is what an education allows one to do in life -- afford nice things rather than scrap about for crumbs and beg for patron donations to fund their miserable lives. Well done as usual.Just curious, if you were to tell the mount to find the moon during a time when it is hidden from view by the earth such as near noon when it is near full at night, does the mount point the camera downward toward the earth or does it just stop ...

  • Duane Degn

     (Oct 7, 2017)

    +George Hnatiuk "These people are profoundly undereducated to the point of being idiots"This my impression as well. I'm just not sure how much of it is their own fault. I often have a hard time believing, they believe the things they say. I've often asked questions like this one:*You might not realize you're really bad at geometry and math but you don't think you're good at it do you?*This question usually goes unanswered. If a reply is given it's to call me a shill.I can understand th...

  • George Hnatiuk

     (Oct 7, 2017)

    Soundly,They will become aware of your work if you title it properly. Put Flat Earth in the title and it will draw those you want to reach. You do not have to go on an FE hangout to do so. When you go on an FE hangout, they will later twist your words and discredit you. Nothing is to be gained by these appearances. You hurt efforts of the rest of us by going on FE these hangouts. I respectfully disagree with you.Look at what happened after your appearance on Globebusters and all the effort you p...

  • Andrew Posey

     (Jan 4, 2019)

    As someone who has been interested in astrophotography for a long time but was turned away from the overwhelming cost of the equipment, I'm so thankful I found your channel. I recently picked up a star adventurer on holiday sale. With my old canon t3i I've been able to get some decent photos. Before this, I never knew these low cost EQ mounts existed. Thanks for helping spark my new favorite hobby!

  • Massimo Alonzi

     (Sep 14, 2018)

    Hi, thanks for the review! It is possible to fully use the mount manually, without power source? (obviously losing go-to and tracking i mean). Thanks

  • Carlos Magno

     (Jun 19, 2018)

    Very good this review, I am wanting to buy this assembly and did not find much information about it. Great!!

  • John Michaelson

     (Oct 7, 2017)

    I think most of us are old enough to remember when such things were the stuff of dreams. I got my first GoTo telescope back in 2002. It was one of the hottest things going at the time, and now they're so commonplace they're being made for cameras. Cameras with sensor sizes and zoom capabilities almost unheard of even five years ago. We live in amazing times. (I'm sure they thought the same thing in the 1880s with electric lighting, too.)

  • Wolfie6020

     (Oct 10, 2017)

    +John Michaelson - I have not seen your PM yet John,  I will take look - I seem to only get notifications for about 5% of the comments and PMs received.

  • John Michaelson

     (Oct 7, 2017)

    I sent you a PM through Youtube here, Wolfie. Don't know if you saw it or not.I can thank them for getting me out to corners of the state I've never been to, and for the P900. I wouldn't have had one for the eclipse I'm sure.

  • George S.

     (Feb 19, 2019)

    Great review. Thank you!