Sky-Watcher AZ-GTi Mount review - New model 2017 - Wifi control & battery powered.

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 7, 2017
  • I saw this mount recently on the Astro Pete's website and ordered one. is a brand new model and I could not find a video review of it online so decided to make one for the benefit of others interested in this mount. Questions, comments and constructive criticism are always welcome. If you are a Flat Earther and you just want to post insults please don't waste your time as I will delete your comment from this video. Post it elsewhere on my channel as this video has nothing to do with Flat Earth.
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  • Coldeb 89


    When you have it all set up and aligned etc. does it have Auto tacking so it keeps in time with the Earths rotation? TIA.

  • petespinkypigs

     1 months ago

    I have lost all the sound of this video, any one know why? I need to listen to it as I have just purchased one from RVO. Heeeeeelp

  • hardykefes

     2 months ago

    Great video. Thank you for sharing. I see you have mounted the Nikon P900. How do you star photography with it's shutter speed limitations??

  • FES TV

     1 years ago

    Damn you man :) You have all these equipment :) I HATE YOU !!! ha ha ha GREAT MAN , keep on !

  • WildPhotoShooter

     1 years ago

    Yeah he has a great toybox.

  • Malcolm Davis

     1 years ago

    This is great - looks a perfect, low cost GOTO mount for my ED-80 apo refractor.

  • Linda Miller

     4 months ago

    Hey Wolfie, thanks so much for making this, hard to find tutorials on this model and app, life saver!

  • Flat Earth Debunked

     10 months ago

    Thanks for your review. Today I got my telescope with the same mount and this really helped me to set it up

  • Moh'd Nouri Abdul Wahab

     11 months ago

    Thanks for the great reviewI'm trying to buy the best stars tracker for astrophotographyI have the ioptron skyguider pro on mind, in your own opinion which tracker you think it's better and more accurateThanks in advance

  • George S.

     5 months ago

    Great review. Thank you!

  • Billy Bob

     5 months ago

    Excellent video. Just got back from the European Astrofest in London where I bought this on impulse. Your video saved me reading the manual and reassured me I made the right choice. Also, I got a great show price discount as well. Cheers, thanks for sharing.