Glass vs. Cheap Plastic | The REAL test of durability! Ft. #MiA3

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 12, 2019
  • Glass vs. cheap plastic. The Real durability test!

    3 phones, 3 rounds. Let's see who survives and who gets knocked out.

    Share this video to end the debate of Glass vs. Cheap Plastic once and for all! #MiA3 #GorillaGlass5
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  • mr. king

    mr. king

     21 minutes ago

    For what the back all are protecting their phone by case then what difference the glass will broke

  • Vasanth Thirumani

    Vasanth Thirumani

     3 hours ago

    Fake fake

  • Rea Sanchez

    Rea Sanchez

     4 hours ago


  • Me & You

    Me & You

     5 hours ago

    If u want to test just drop ur phone & wait😂😂😂🤣
    Nobody makes scratch by blade or dril on their phone 😂😂
    But everyone drop their phone once in a week..

  • bob s nadenica

    bob s nadenica

     13 hours ago

    When you buy Jerry from AliExpress

  • Anand lessliE

    Anand lessliE


    Dude try it with redmi note 8 pro with realme xt... There is no use in comparing the phone with plastic and glass. Beat with same competor...

  • Nipun Singh

    Nipun Singh

     2 days ago

    Mi fucked up Samsung and realme at the same time

  • Kamlesh Panday

    Kamlesh Panday

     2 days ago +1


  • abhi Kaushik

    abhi Kaushik

     2 days ago +1

    #Mi note 4 blast

    6000 ka rdx😡😡

    Mi sirf pagal banana janta hain

  • whin 007

    whin 007

     2 days ago

    you do a test for a people that will use his phone for self defence 🤔 who the heck will stab his phones back after buying it.

    but imagine if someone will stab u you can trust xiaomi phone will not get any scratch but your belly will ✌️

  • Karan Singh

    Karan Singh

     3 days ago

    Chutiya bna rha hai bsdk??

  • Arkapravo Choudhury

    Arkapravo Choudhury

     3 days ago

    Lol I got scratches within 15 days of use on A3. Doesnt get big sctarch but gets plenty of micro scratches



     4 days ago


  • Manoj J patil

    Manoj J patil

     5 days ago

    No one likes to scratch their phone ,drill .it's common that everyone uses protective case . Even though it's gorilla glass 6

  • ok dude

    ok dude

     5 days ago

    Xiaomi do a drop test if u can with a glass back i challange u hehehehe xiaomi rosted

  • Praveen Ahirwar

    Praveen Ahirwar

     5 days ago

    Bhosdi ke android 10 update kab aaiga mi A3 mai

  • Sayan Biswas

    Sayan Biswas

     6 days ago

    Agar drop test hota na to Tera redmi bhar me jata. Or ha koi bhe apne phon ki knife or scru we scratch nehi karta or drop bhi nehi karta .agar glass chahia then realme xt is better.east and west realme is best.

  • Saiprasad Sann

    Saiprasad Sann

     6 days ago

    Worst experience in mi or redmi mobiles because many adds playing worst durability of display and updates coming late . And redmi camera app was worst and heating very quickly. call connecting problem, dropping problem I faced

  • Saiprasad Sann

    Saiprasad Sann

     6 days ago

    Test only with mechines not hands

  • Extremee/PH - RMVM

    Extremee/PH - RMVM

     7 days ago

    Realme: features in video
    Realme: Thinks gonna be promotes
    Xiaomi: Glass vs Plastic
    Realme 5's back scratches
    Realme: NOT STONKS

    No offence here....
    Realme user here
    I still want Glass too
    But it's perfect for gaming.😏