OnePlus 6 Quality Control REVEALED - Epic Factory Tour

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 16, 2018
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  • Sam Krygsheld

    Sam Krygsheld

     a years ago +1314

    Wow. No joke, this is the most successful sponsored video I've ever watched. I'm way more likely to buy a OnePlus phone after seeing all that.

  • Taran Bhardwaj

    Taran Bhardwaj

     10 months ago +983

    9:49 that dude will lose his job because the 6t will not have a headphone jack

  • Chan0


     9 months ago +340

    All these hard working people being bothered by this random talking dude

  • Ayra Wijkstra

    Ayra Wijkstra

     a years ago +1274

    After tour a guard ask: can you please emty your pockets?
    Linus: sure lays 10 phones on table

  • MrPikachu YT

    MrPikachu YT

     8 months ago +243

    Quality exposed
    Quality explored

  • Myrmidon


     a years ago +5911

    salutes guy whose job it is to install the headphone jack
    "Thank-you for your service." ='(

  • Wafer Waffle

    Wafer Waffle

     11 months ago +131

    damn they have a torture chamber

  • Stephen Barnes

    Stephen Barnes

     8 months ago +61

    13:32 steals phone

  • its EbK

    its EbK

     11 months ago +280

    Not one mustache in the whole place... 😂😂😂

  • Marco Ortega

    Marco Ortega

     10 months ago +129

    Just ordered my oneplus 6 yesterday. Really reassuring knowing that their phones go through such extensive QC testing. Hope my phone lasts a long time. Amazing video Linus!!

  • CHGrider


     a years ago +1522

    All the laborers were probably like
    Dude can you please stop yelling in my ear, you're distracting me

  • Iiro Pylväläinen

    Iiro Pylväläinen

     10 months ago +115

    Nice vid Linus! Just got my self oneplus 6 after almost 10 years of being a apple user. Couldnt be happier.

  • AusHell


     10 months ago +10

    watching this makes me want to switch from iPhone to OnePlus

  • Pre destinated

    Pre destinated

     a years ago +84

    watching on my OnePlus.... awesome video, Linus!

  • Mr. Unknown

    Mr. Unknown

     10 months ago +56

    and why Samsung didn't test Galaxy Note 7 battery and charging ? JUST why

  • kuk


     a years ago +1868

    This is a commercial that works for me 100%

  • Ryan Cooper

    Ryan Cooper

     14 days ago +14

    just got my oneplus 7 pro yesterday i fkin love it

  • Payne Hoss

    Payne Hoss

     9 months ago +36

    Just trying to figure out why she’s wiping the phone down while touching it without gloves on

  • Technical Op Tricks

    Technical Op Tricks

     11 months ago +178

    13:36 he stole a phone

  • Nerdnalist 1

    Nerdnalist 1

     11 months ago +460

    This is not quality control exposed this is quality control explored. So tired of misleading clickbait titles.