Naayagi Episode 245, 05/12/18

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 5, 2018
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    Naayagi Episode 245
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    Naayagi (Nayagi or Nayaki) is a 2018 Tamil language family soap opera, a serial with daily episode, starring Vidya Pradeep, Papri Ghosh, Ambika, Dhilip Rayan, Vetri Velan, Meera Krishnan and Suresh Krishnamurthi. It is the story of Anandhi, heir apparent to a business empire but separated at birth from her parents who were killed treacherously by their aide Kalivardhan. The show replaced Deivamagal and is produced by Vikatan Televistas Pvt Ltd. This Tamil daily serial airs on SUN TV, every Monday to Saturday at 8:00 pm.Here is today’s episode. Yesterday episode link above.
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  • Mercurysanthosh Mercurysanthosh

    Mercurysanthosh Mercurysanthosh

     5 days ago

    இந்த களிவரதன்,மந்திரி,
    மந்திரி பொண்டாட்டி,அனு அனன்யா இவங்க பணத்துக்காக நடிப்புலதான் இப்படியா இல்லை பணத்துக்கு இப்படி நடிக்கிறவங்க என்ன யோகியமாவா இருப்பாங்க பணத்துக்கு எப்படி பட்ட கீழ் தரமான வேலையும் செய்வாங்க தூ

  • Murli Devi

    Murli Devi

     7 days ago

    Superb mama semma

  • Noorul Hudha

    Noorul Hudha

     7 days ago

    டேய் விகடன் டிவி நாயே மோடி நாய்ட்ட இருந்து எவ்வளவு பணம்டா வாங்க.

  • Rajagopal Ganesh

    Rajagopal Ganesh

     8 days ago


  • Crsytal Lsharika

    Crsytal Lsharika

     8 days ago

    Execellent babu asked back to sagunthala can settle garje house problem why could do the same thing for eldest daughter in law be qeual just got shock.Kalivesan and dorai went to see neelawathy to take over the property lie have found the child same time ananthini suspect saw and heard everything.Execellent chinnamani was not satificated went to chellayah few question could not answer that kanmani has help and took the blame of cim can forget him that can not tell mother.Ananthini call thiru told everything go with the police to save neelawthy.Super kottamani,sumathi parents,sumathi and megala also waiting for sagunthala to come back home told the information that babu asked you.

  • bob azaman

    bob azaman

     9 days ago

    No time se kolum

  • Pooja Logesh

    Pooja Logesh

     9 days ago

    Noce episode

  • Girish Chinna

    Girish Chinna

     9 days ago

    Samma gg

  • Thiru fans

    Thiru fans

     9 days ago

    Semmmaa cute Thiru anandhi 😍😘 romantic couple 😘

  • Divya Divya

    Divya Divya

     9 days ago +2

    Ananthi over makeup



     9 days ago

    sigamani gave nice slipper slaps to that idiotic cheliyan...luv pannitu Amma Kandi kallati viduvanam adhe andha ponnu step eduthu mrgg nadandha indha pundaku asingam airucham ..thuu

  • Frozen Cherry

    Frozen Cherry

     9 days ago

    Syabaas kanmani's father done a good job.. Tell off to cheliyan..

  • Ramapraba S

    Ramapraba S

     9 days ago

    please metti oli serial podunga

  • Sakthi Thi

    Sakthi Thi

     9 days ago

    sigamani appa super dialog cheriyan unaku nalla vennu da tuiii...gopi ur shirt very nice..keep it up...

  • Raj Saran

    Raj Saran

     9 days ago +1

    So super nice

  • ricky kamal

    ricky kamal

     9 days ago +1

    Only Nayagi and Azhagu is Watchable

  • SeLva MaLaR Prakash

    SeLva MaLaR Prakash

     9 days ago

    Celizyan pls die... Wat kind of person

  • Suryam Suryam

    Suryam Suryam

     9 days ago +1

    Intha serial like pandravanga hi sollunga🎵🎷

  • Kamini Rajandran Mini_gul

    Kamini Rajandran Mini_gul

     9 days ago +1

    Kandipa bulp vangittu vara pogethengge thiru vum annathiyum

  • Parameswari Rajagopal

    Parameswari Rajagopal

     9 days ago

    Thiru marubadium sodhappa poran