What Is the Best Invention That Has Yet to Be Invented?

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 15, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/DYXEhEW-3mk


  • CollegeHumor


     5 months ago +153

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  • 5Amigos32


     5 months ago +960

    Raph is so bad at this. Please have him on every episode he is hilarious

  • Rebecca Panayi-Sjotun

    Rebecca Panayi-Sjotun

     5 months ago +916

    Has Raphael just read Charlie & the Chocolate Factory?

  • Nakita Maria

    Nakita Maria

     5 months ago +1056

    Ally not knowing how often sunscreen needs to be reapplied is very on brand

  • 15thCrypt


     5 months ago +219

    "I puke on the street a lot" she says casually

  • okashi10


     5 months ago +519

    Man they have really stepped up the graphics for this show.

  • Hoodie Hat

    Hoodie Hat

     5 months ago +264

    I would say the cure for cancer, but boy that glove box warmer is tempting.

  • gitadine


     5 months ago +676

    Raphael is the best cast for Rank Room omg

  • Gacha Kitty

    Gacha Kitty

     5 months ago +308

    I want a clear toaster
    So you can see if the bread is burned
    Edit: I thank everyone who enlightened me about this product. This does exist and I'm proud of humanity, I will be buying 2.

  • Toe to Tip That's a Bart

    Toe to Tip That's a Bart

     5 months ago +690

    Whenever Raph said anything I started choking with laughter.

  • Johannes van Overbeek

    Johannes van Overbeek

     5 months ago +176

    is raph like this at pitch meetings?? He's so great lmao

  • MrBucketList


     5 months ago +161

    Katie is an actual literal treasure. One of the best CH has ever had

  • Andrew Laurent

    Andrew Laurent

     5 months ago +374

    That "direct to brain knowledge" sounds like something in a Black Mirror episode that goes terribly wrong.

  • Emily


     5 months ago +343

    Ally looks weird without green hair now

  • olly sombrero

    olly sombrero

     5 months ago +167

    they shoulda had Brennan on this episode. He literally couldve come up with a legitimate solution to all our problems as a species

  • blackanimecat2


     5 months ago +341

    You can buy airplane pukebags if you want the portable desposable not-toilet vomit option.

  • ArcheAine


     5 months ago +166

    7:00 i think willy wonka did that first buddy.

  • ilostmyhair


     5 months ago +55

    I thought Katie can't see race

  • Allie Shoen

    Allie Shoen

     5 months ago +158

    I want to have a time capsule that controls the concept of time, that way I can sleep in, without sleeping in.

  • Saggezza Ma con prudenza

    Saggezza Ma con prudenza

     5 months ago +107

    ...It's obviously Ally's smile.
    Case closed.