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  • Published on:  Friday, April 19, 2019
  • OOOOOOH!! HERE'S A SUPER SECRET DEMO OF OUR NEW SONG: to Genre Switching? Here's Part 1! HEERE'S Part 2! HEEERE'S Part 3! MORE OF OUR ORIGINAL MUSIC HERE: MORE IMPRESSIONS HERE: MORE OF THE STUFF I'M IN: MIC I USE: honestly can't believe we got this video done in time! We were writing and recording our album until about 5 days before I had to leave Mississippi for Hawaii. I'm currently sitting in a garage in Kauai, editing this video on an external monitor because my laptop monitor died! XP Hope you like the video!!And now... the links and the credits! *who wants a poptart?*Tracks produced & mastered by Nate (Baasik) SUBSCRIBE TO HIM:, and SUBSCRIBE TO ME TOO, PLEASE! can also follow me on:Patreon: www.BlackGryph0n.shopBusiness Inquires: [email protected] -- --- ---- Songs Used ---- --- -- -Coldplay "Paradise" - Future BassSwae Lee "Sunflower" - Video Game (8-Bit)Bruno Mars "That's what I like" - ReggaeLuis Fonsi "Despacito" - CountryLil Nas X "Old Town Road" - MetalOneRepublic "Counting Stars" - BluegrassJones Brothers "Sucker" - Hip HopEd Sheeran "Shape of You" - BollywoodNickleback "Photograph" - JazzBon Jovi "Livin' on a Prayer" - Cinematic- -- --- ---- END ---- --- -- -HELLO! DDRs (Dedicated Description Readers)!!You GUYYYYS, I'm so tired!! I bit off more than I can chew this time! :-PI'm currently sitting in a garage in Kauai, using an external monitor because my laptop monitor died. By the time you read this, I'll be on the beach shooting a music video at for "His Story" the musical. Later tonight, I'm doing a show and I'm gonna be honest with y'all... I don't remember the lyrics. I have about 4 songs to memorize between posting this video and doing the show! :-PI wish you guys could come and see it, cause it's gonna be pretty cool, but since you can't, here's some of the music from His Story: yes and ALSO also, if you want more easter eggs than just that since Easter is coming up, here are some bloopers and things I didn't want to cut from this video but had too because it would have been way too long otherwise... hope you enjoy me and Nate's shanananananagins. We have a lot of fun! I honestly can't WAIT for him to get out of the Navy and for you to hear our new album! I think you're really gonna like it! (At least I hope so. :-P)Nightynight!~Gabe#GenreSwitchingChallenge
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  • Black Gryph0n

     2 months ago

    A few questions I’m seeing a lot:1 - There is no autotune (with the exception of Swae Lee because he uses it too.) We record harmonies and vocal doubling as needed when we finish producing the songs.2 - Yes, these videos always get copyright flagged. I don’t make any money off them but people like them so we will keep making them. :-)3 - The other Genre Switching challenges can be found here:#GSC1

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  • Golden Gridiron Highlights

     2 months ago

    Coldplay and Future Bass sounds like an actual remix.

  • Worlds Okayest Dad

     3 days ago


  • Gimme Soup

     4 days ago

    Ur comment is in the remix vid just letting u know

  • Raven Dawson

     9 days ago

    I liked the hip hop mix with the jonas brotherslke if you liked it too

  • Xxcasflow 2

     2 days ago

    How do I ike

  • m t

     2 days ago

    Oh me too!

  • Discount Xiumin

     15 days ago

    Oh my goodness the cinematic Livin on a Prayer was so epic 🤧🤧🤧♥️

  • XxItzTheDevil xX

     16 hours ago

    Discount Xiumin you mean lemon and a pear

  • The Silence


    @Discount Xiumin I'm sure they might. If enough people request it anyway.

  • Bosco _Costco

     4 days ago

    His despacito was really goodLike if u agree

  • The Silence

     21 hours ago

    @NoorPlays Thanks for the support.

  • NoorPlays

     21 hours ago

    @The Silence Yeah!

  • nelson sy


    I already watched this..*WHO CARES IMMA WATCH IT AGAIN*

  • Sierra Cole ROBLOX Gaming

     1 months ago

    Time stamps:1:08 Coldplay + Future Bass1:46 Swae Lee + Video Game2:21 Bruno Mars + Reggae3:13 Luis Fonsi + Country3:52 Lil Nas X + Metal4:32 OneRepublic + Bluegrass5:10 Jonas Bros + Hip-Hop5:54 Ed Sheeran + Bollywood6:40 Nickleback + Jazz7:27 Bon Jovi + CinematicEdit: OMG THANK YOU GUYS LOTS OF LIKES? WOWOWOWOWOWOWO! Btw, this was my first time making time stamps so tysm! 😁Edit 2: ok last time I checked there was like 480! NOW 1,200?! WHAT!

  • The Silence


    Sierra Cole ROBLOX Gaming, thanks for putting in the time stamps.

  • LunaButterfly


    My Fav Is The Jonas Brothers

  • Brightyest

     4 days ago

    I actually liked Lil Nas X and Metal

  • Beverly Wires

     2 days ago

    Sounds like a remix

  • The Blizzard

     3 days ago

    When I heard Nickleback with Jazz My ears are on fire 🔥

  • Saad Shoaib

     5 days ago

    Why were you apologizing for singing Despacito you sang it well