HOW TO PAINT Like A Pro - 8 Easy Watercolor Techniques

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 30, 2018
  • Do you like yourself a good painting tutorial as much as Slime Sam does? Then you're in luck! In today's brand new episode Sam and Sue will show you eight easy step-by-step watercolor techniques for beginners.


    Alcohol ink can be so beautiful but also pricey. You can create alcohol ink effect by using regular alcohol! Just paint your picture with watercolor paint as usual and create breathtaking marble patterns with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol! The watercolor should not be watered down. The watercolors will be repelled by the rubbing alcohol, it will push them away and leave a lighter shade instead. We thought it would work the best on two or three different colors but even one color can make a beautiful piece.


    Being salty is not always a bad thing! Fine salt and watercolors make a mysterious blurry patter that looks great on watercolor landscape paintings. Cover the desired area with watercolor first. It'll take and look much better if you brush the paper lightly with water first Wetter the paint will be more interesting the pattern will look! You can use one or multiple colors. Immediately sprinkle the painted section with salt generously and leave it to dry. Scrap off the salt when it's dry. Use coarse sea salt to create a more visible effect.


    Yes, you saw it here first, we'll be using cling food film to make a stunning watercolor theme. Apply watercolor to paper first, the wetter the better! It looks more creative if you use complimentary color combinations like green and blue. Create creases and wrinkles on a piece of Saran wrap by crumpling it. Put the wrap right on top of the colored area and leave it to dry. This surprising technique will create a stained glass effect on your painting and it will look absolutely gorgeous!


    Tissue art, huh? Make sure to tell your friends and classmates:D And please don't use toilet tissue... In fact, the effect will be much stronger if you use a coarser tissue or napkin. As usual, paint the nonporous surface with watercolor first. Crumple a tissue, put it right on the painted area right away and press lightly with your palm. Leave it to dry for a little bit and remove the tissue. But don't leave it on for too long or the tissue will stick for good.


    Combine two of your favorite art tools and create an amazing DIY art project! First, draw a pattern on white paper with a white crayon. Cover the drawing with watercolor paint of your choice and see how crayon repels water. Crayons are water resistant so whatever you draw with them will always stand out against the watercolors.


    For this modern pattern, you won't need any special materials except watercolors, a brush, and water. Cover the paper with the watercolor of your choice. Pick another color and use a brush to make small drops. The wetter the better! Wetter paper and watered down paint will make an exceptional and unique design.


    This watercolor technique is the most fun but also the messiest :) You better up cover the part of the paper you won't be decorating with splatters. Dip a brush into a watercolor and cover it with paint really well. Tap the brush on your finger to create a wild unpredictable pattern! Repeat with other colors. You can make it colorful and use totally different colors or use different shades of the same color. Make the pattern more dense by splattering the paint a little longer.


    Watch the video for this one, it's hard to explain:D

    If you want to make samples of these smart painting techniques and use them as cue cards it's very easy to do too! Just draw eight rectangles using a ruler and a pencil, write down the names under them and use our easy step-by-step tutorial to fill up these boxes! It's better if you let each mini-painting to dry before painting another one. The fastest way to do it is to use a hairdryer. We also added a pretty rainbow title:)

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