twenty one pilots - Holding on to You (Behind the Scenes)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 27, 2012
  • a behind the scenes look into twenty one pilots' music video for "Holding on to You" from the album, 'Vessel' - available now on Fueled By Ramen!Download the album: for more official content from twenty one pilots: Shot and edited by Reel Bear MediaStore: Site: #TOP #HoldingOnToYou #BehindTheScenes #Vessel #bts #FueledByRamen
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  • Flightless Bird

     1 years ago

    I stan the lady who asked Tyler if he needed water after the noose scene and the guy who made him laugh

  • Idk anymore

     4 days ago

    At that scene you could tell Tyler was thinking. And we will never know what he was thinking.

  • imsemiautomatic

     4 months ago

    @Super Slime wtf its not his wife

  • mOhNotone

     2 years ago

    Tyler JosephLike if you agree

  • Mapy j

     6 days ago

    mOhNotone Beech da fac? Josh I love you

  • Mr.LongLungsJoseph

     26 days ago


  • tierney c

     1 years ago

    “my mom says I have really good eyelashes”

  • tatumGtatumG

     17 days ago

    The nurse also said you have long lungs

  • Urie Furie

     1 months ago

    tierney c “ *she has to, she’s your mom* “

  • Eliise Yt

     1 years ago

    Can't believe this was 6 years ago

  • Twitter Trash That Talks

     1 months ago

    Lol 7 now

  • Jelena Radoš

     1 months ago

    Almost seven darling

  • danny

     1 years ago

    Man the people who got to touch Tyler's face are the luckiest people in the world.

  • Maxatal

     13 days ago

    danny You’re probably one of those people who ruins the concerts by being over-obsessed with the bands.

  • Valeriana yup

     5 months ago


  • Rachel Ward

     1 years ago

    at 4:50, you can clearly tell something's off. Tyler THROWS the noose off and SHOOTS UP off the table/chair/greenscreen thing, and doubles over. you can tell he's clearly fighting tears and/or a panic attack. he tried to shrug it off, to say it was that he had to hold his head up, but i think it was different. at 4:03 you can also see something's not right. he's not acting guys. that's actual fear in his eyes. it looks like he's fighting a bad memory. they didn't cancel the video because of this, thoug...

  • Aisler


    okay calm the fuck down, he doesn’t shoot up or anything you’re exaggerating everything. let the man do his thing

  • Julia Smalley

     3 days ago

    @Lucas Blanchard Don't assume things. that is for him to know and for us to not worry about. He is clearly doing much better now so we can stop focusing on it as much

  • enya van den berg

     9 months ago

    Tyler: Ah I forgot my pianoJosh: I told you to pack it

  • Jurman

     1 months ago


  • Unnamed Poet

     9 months ago

    Aaawww...Currently it's Trench era, and I'm just sort of watching every video relating to TØP because I don't feel like doing my homework, and these boys mean so much to me.

  • nobody tj

     1 months ago

    big mood

  • riley VwV

     2 months ago

    Unnamed Poet never realated to a comment more

  • Angie Kozy

     2 years ago

    5:01 bless this man who made Tyler smile


     22 days ago

    Angie Kozy and the woman who offered water

  • RoundestRowlet

     1 months ago


  • Jess the trashcan

     1 years ago

    "Be your sick, twisted, charming self"Twenty One Pilots: a summary