The Vinod Dua Show Episode 16 : Do we need an acting prime minister?

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 7, 2019
  • The Vinod Dua Show Episode 16 : From our Prime Minister Modi who is sort of an acting prime minister to cabinet's nod to 10% reservation for the economically weaker sections of the upper caste, watch Mr. Vinod Dua's show to know the analysis.

    #VinodDuaOnModi #VinodDua #NarendraModi

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  • HW News Network

    HW News Network

     11 days ago +64

    खबरों और राजनीतिक अपडेट के लिए,
    हमारे WhatsApp नंबर पर 'Hi' लिख भेजे - 9136569037

  • Prashant Namdeo

    Prashant Namdeo

     13 hours ago

    विकास ,
    तुम्हारी अब कोई पूछ परख नही है । अब वापस हिन्दू - मुस्लिम , अगड़े - पिछड़े वाली नौटंकी शुरू हो गई है । महर्षी जूमलेश्वर , पप्पू स्वामी , मफलर मैन , बहनजी आदि सभी नेता सिवाय बांटने की राजनीति के , कुछ भी काम नहीं करते हैं ।

  • sonu verma

    sonu verma

     15 hours ago

    Some people come up with shop to defame Modi. They know how to fool people around defaming Modi. No government has brought abundant of Jobs. Job issue has been always there. No government has eliminated this issue and nor can do.




    I like Gatkari more than modi,gatkari ji is hard working person,he has really done many developemental works in road transport,highways & shipping.He is a deserving pm candidate,not feku modi

  • Moksha Malhotra

    Moksha Malhotra

     2 days ago


  • Malhar Bhatt

    Malhar Bhatt

     3 days ago

    Bhai dua tuj dua ki nhi dwa ki jrurt h

  • Pakistan Canada

    Pakistan Canada

     4 days ago

    Modi is a Bollywood’s villan actor prime minister.

  • Suresh Kamath

    Suresh Kamath

     4 days ago

    One of comment pulled out by Modi supporters is Bhoghibeel bridge to counter this video. Do not whine about Bhogibeel bridge. The work on the Bridge started in 2011 under UPA. Time and again , Aandh Bhakts spread their propogonda harping on train 18.(Once again planned by previous government) statue of Sardar patel (that credit goes to jumla BJP goverment) etcetera.
    Every government that has been in power can point to some selective things that has been done and claim to be patriotic. It is just that the administration that is in power happened to be in power at the right time for the projects. For example
    Bhakra Nangal dam, Hirakud Dam - Jawaharlal Nehru administration.
    Bhaba Atomic research center - Jawaharlal Nehru administration.
    Integral coach factory – Jawahrlal Administration.
    DRDO, Mazagon Docks, HAL, Annexation of Goa - Jawaharlal Administration.

    ISRO, First Nuclear explosion, Creation of Bangladesh - Indira Gandhi

    The Bandra-Worli sea-link was inaugurated on Tuesday by UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, reducing the travel time between the southern part of the metropolis and its western suburbs from the present 60-90 minutes to 6-8 minutes

    The Dhola–Sadiya Bridge, also referred to as the Bhupen Hazarika Setu the work started in 2011, during UPA government Administration.

  • Sachin Chindra

    Sachin Chindra

     4 days ago

    Barbad kar diya bjp ne desh ko .

  • chandram Arakkan

    chandram Arakkan

     4 days ago

    Gujrat election me reservation ke bareme BJP logom kya kya alojana kiyathe ab bulgaya dikthe.

  • anurag singh

    anurag singh

     4 days ago

    Mai agree karta hu sir, performance k adhar p vote dena chaiye

  • Raghu Nandan Sonkar

    Raghu Nandan Sonkar

     5 days ago

    And we certainly don’t need A Vinod Dua Show!!!!!!

  • Jyoti Patil

    Jyoti Patil

     5 days ago

    Relly, videsh yatra, udghatan jaise chillar kam kiye gaye, PM ki jimmedari ke kam se ye bhagte rahe kyo ki ye unke bas ka kam nai tha, shayad..

  • satya 118

    satya 118

     5 days ago

    प्रधानमंत्री = प्रचारमंत्री

  • satya 118

    satya 118

     5 days ago

    No jobs No vote for BJP only rahul baba is only option

  • Sonu Garg

    Sonu Garg

     5 days ago

    When there was world wide recession in 2008,SMT. Sonia Gandhi an Iron Lady control the economy of India as per message given by BJP th.An accidental P.M.of India.

  • Sonu Garg

    Sonu Garg

     5 days ago

    Dr.Manmohan Singh an excellent P.M.of India.

  • Sonu Garg

    Sonu Garg

     5 days ago

    BJP 12345

  • Sonu Garg

    Sonu Garg

     5 days ago

    Now it is not possible for our leaders to make the people fool.People are waiting for the day of elections in 2019 to reply jumlas.

  • Kunal India

    Kunal India

     6 days ago

    Most Indians are too dumb to understand games of politicians