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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 4, 2018

    You're gonna love these crazy pranks. But be careful some of them are gonna make your friends swoon or womit! ; )

    Take several needles with bead end, cut them in half, put some glue gun on the edges and stick it to your finger from the both sides. Add some red food coloring and go freak out your friends!
    Find out how to make scary funny picture for your obnoxious admirer using plain mirror.

    I can wait to show you edible soil and worms recipe to scare off your frinends! It's actually delicious. Pour some milk, cocoa powder and gelatin in the cup, microwave then pour it into a stack of drinking straws, let it freeze. Crumble couple of chocolate cupcakes into a bowl, squeeze jelly worms out of straws and Bon appetit!

    If you liked this edible prank, you can also try making tasty white chocolate lipstick!

    I'll also demonstrate you how to make best desserts ever: Chess cake, Nutella banana, pears with honey, croissants, blueberry pancakes and more! You'll thank me later! ; )


    0:11 Yummy edible worms
    0:38 Mentos bomb
    8:22 Amazing chocolate figures
    14:59 Nutella banana

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    Do you like sweets? What is your favourite dessert? What idea of this video are you sure to try? :)

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