Honest Trip to the Doctor

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 17, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/CP6C9oHXyEc


  • CollegeHumor


     5 months ago +465

    Sign up for DROPOUT! https://bit.ly/2sX294r

  • sorekid


     5 months ago +2811

    I came here for humor, not depressing honesty dammit

  • Hammer Addiction4u

    Hammer Addiction4u

     5 months ago +3215

    Me at doctor- I’m fine
    Screaming internally*

  • Mika


     5 months ago +3657

    Guess I should start appreciating free medical care I get to have in my country

  • safirestar5


     5 months ago +802

    This is missing the awkward eye contact and silent judging during the sexual health questions.

  • AquamarineDust


     5 months ago +628

    "I have this problem where-"
    Doctor: when was your last menstrual cycle and is there a chance you are pregnant?"

  • Serena Koehler

    Serena Koehler

     5 months ago +1423

    Me: I've been feeling queasy lately
    Dr: are you pregnant?
    Me: and I keep getting headaches
    Dr: you could be pregnant
    Me: and I think I sprained my ankle
    Dr: pregnant.

  • Paige Dowe

    Paige Dowe

     5 months ago +366

    Doctor: "120 over 80"
    Girl: "Oh good, I have no idea what that means"

  • headcrab4


     5 months ago +514

    That "Checkup -> Consultation" thing really pisses me off.

  • Mr. ZAP

    Mr. ZAP

     5 months ago +70

    "I have three or four things I'm legitimately worried about but I don't want you to think I'm some hypochondriac who shouldn't be taken seriously so I'll only tell you one every eight months, assuming I don't forget to mention it because I'm flustered by dietary and exercise questions."

  • MrKvndrd


     5 months ago +197

    A true honest doctor visit would be the filling out the paperwork part, getting seen by the nurse pretty quickly, but then waiting the hour in the room for the doctor to come in, talk to you for maybe 2 minutes before moving on to the next patient.

  • Mr. Friendship

    Mr. Friendship

     5 months ago +541

    Honesty is the best policy...
    Doctor: YOU DON'T SAY!!!

  • SystemofEleven


     5 months ago +86

    You forgot the nurse coming in and asking all those questions, saying "the doctor is supposed to come in soon and use this information to help you, but we both know that's a not going to happen" and then an hour later the doctor comes in and says "I didn't look at this paperwork and I only know your name cuz the nurse told me. I'm going to ask all the same questions, then leave so the nurse can come in and tell you to drink more water."

  • No Refunds

    No Refunds

     5 months ago +188

    In case you were wondering, I am younger than you.
    Well, now I'm wondering "Is he qualified, but also "What am I doing with my life?"

  • Ssgt Griggs

    Ssgt Griggs

     5 months ago +197

    honestly, this was more depressing than funny ... is that really how it works over there?

  • DIVAD291


     5 months ago +68

    Me: I can't feel the left side of my body, And I almost constantly have a headache.
    Doctor: its probably the flu.
    Me: This started very shortly after I got on this new medication.
    Doctor: its probably the flu.
    Me: ok, i have had the flu before and it felt nothing like that.
    Doctor: its probably the flu.
    Me: You told me it was the flu more than a month ago when I had the same problem.
    Doctor: Its probably the flu.
    Me: I guess youre the doctor, But ill still ask if there is a similar medication that I could take instead.
    Doctor: Well I really don't want to do that for some reason but youre really insisting so ill do it anyways. Its probably the flu tough.
    Switched medications and 2 days later my problems went away.
    What a fucking coincidence right?



     5 months ago +268

    Y'all reminded me I gotta call my mom so she can book me an appointment

  • Nik Ritz

    Nik Ritz

     5 months ago +98

    Honest trip on YouTube "Ad, Ad, video, AD, AD"
    Why am I being hit with the double Ad today!?

  • Sagnik Nath

    Sagnik Nath

     5 months ago +235

    I think I'm finally here before Justin Y.

  • Daniel Gable

    Daniel Gable

     5 months ago +307

    sounds like y'all need some free health care