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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 7, 2018
  • Music by -- https://www.post-zen.com/
  • Source: https://youtu.be/CLCAivpi6x0


  • The Fantastic Joe

     (Aug 7, 2018)

    “A full tank of battery” lol

  • francisco solorzano

     (Aug 17, 2018)

    Thought the same lol

  • PersonMan1

     (Aug 14, 2018)

    A food

  • Martin Bode

     (Aug 8, 2018)

    Buys Tesla, doesn't put it in the thumbnail . Power move

  • Anna JDali

     (Aug 8, 2018)

    Really sorry for your loss Casey!!♥️

  • Kaysha

     (Aug 12, 2018)

    Such a special person. And she documented every day of her life, just as you do. The fruit doesn't fall far from the treeRIP

  • unpossible11

     (Aug 7, 2018)

    My grandpa has the same first and last name as me. He passed away this year on March 21, 2018 which was on my birthday. I dont really know where im going with this but when I was looking at the tombstone, it was like looking at my tombstone. Don't take your life for granted, every minute counts and most of all be with the people you love. That quote is kind of cheesy, I know, but it's true.

  • Savi You

     (Aug 7, 2018)

    The best videos aren't always the ones where you're doing epic things and got slick editing. Sometimes it's the simple ones like this. Amazing story, thanks for sharing it with us buddy.


     (Aug 7, 2018)

    Buddy? 😂😂

  • Krampus

     (Aug 7, 2018)

    i did spell it's..?

  • sum CLINT

     (Aug 8, 2018)

    1:09 theres a bong on the bedhead, good work Casey

  • 111Malefic

     (Aug 17, 2018)

    So that's what he means when he says to "smack it"

  • Grass Daddy

     (Aug 10, 2018)

    I was mowing a clients lawn that was for sale, they left their bong outside on the patio table for weeks. I wonder what their realtor thought lol

  • Micah Foordphotography

     (Aug 8, 2018)

    So just curious, whilst this was a touching video, do you seek permission from your family to show stuff like this or do they simply know that's who you are? This isn't critical, I'm genuinely curious...

  • Little Nation

     (Aug 16, 2018)

    Alberto 9324 chill

  • gardensofthegods

     (Aug 11, 2018)

    Micah Foordphotography I love the way British still use the word whilst... it always sounds so cool to me

  • AntsCanada

     (Aug 8, 2018)

    Love Teslas! I was lucky enough to be in one earlier this year. They are definitely the future!

  • Legominder

     (Nov 16, 2018)

    Actually already the presence right?

  • jhN

     (Aug 13, 2018)

    lamboman68 That's why you charge it like once a week when you get home

  • Marcus Mayenschein

     (Aug 8, 2018)

    nice to watch you driving a Tesla. Greetings from teslamarcus in Germany