A Computer Co-Wrote this Sketch

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 14, 2019
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    This sketch was written by a robot, with the help of Botnik. By the way, writers, if you're reading this, thank you so much, we're not going to need you anymore. Best of luck! Call if you need a reference!

    "Written" by Nat Towsen, Amy Barnes, Tom Koff, and Gabriel Laks.

    Check out this behind-the-scenes MEDIUM piece by Nat Towsen explaining what Botnik is and how it works: https://bit.ly/2FxKY0J

    ALLY: http://www.twitter.com/lilbeardsley
    GRANT: http://www.twitter.com/grantob
    KATIE: http://www.twitter.com/katiemarovitch
    TRAPP: http://www.twitter.com/mikewtrapp
    RAPH: http://www.twitter.com/chestangraphael
    REKHA: http://www.twitter.com/rekhalshankar
    BRENNAN: https://twitter.com/brennanlm
    SAM: http://www.twitter.com/samreich

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    Mike Trapp
    Zach Dunn
    Grant O'Brien
    Siobhan Thompson
    Raphael Chestang
    Rekha Shankar
    Katie Marovitch
    Ally Beardsley

    Director - Ryan Anthony Martin
    Writers - Nat Towsen, Amy Barnes, Tom Koff, and Gabriel Laks
    Producer - Shane Crown
    Production Coordinator - Annie Humphreville
    Director Of Photography - Cooper James
    Production Designer - Rick Mader
    Make Up Artist - Denise Valentine
    Sound Mixer - Mike Robertson for BoTown Sound
    VFX Artist - TJ Gonzalez
    Editor - Sam Geer
  • Source: https://youtu.be/BjngNWP9C5s


  • CollegeHumor

     (Jan 14, 2019)

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  • WatchTheHourGlass

     (Apr 22, 2019)

    You guys need to do this again

  • Cel TV

     (Apr 7, 2019)

    Pleaaaaase tell me this was 100% written by a computer. Or at least 99%.

  • Kyle Li

     (Jan 14, 2019)

    "I'm, yelled at all day just for being a terrible human being. That's disgusting."Yeah thats a little too close to home.

  • Anon Ymous

     (1 day ago)

    Terrible human being shaming really is a disgusting, outdated practice that needs to stop. People should have the right to be terrible human beings if that's how they identify.

  • AliFirebird

     (May 2, 2019)


  • Tvtyrant2

     (Jan 26, 2019)

    Katie was indistinguishable from her normal roles.

  • Mia Thompson

     (May 14, 2019)

    an rper Everyone is

  • an rper

     (Apr 30, 2019)

    Are you FLIRTING with her?

  • Nieznajomy43

     (Jan 24, 2019)

    Ok 14 January 2020 sketch about how Grant is dying under that couch!!

  • Davin Jones

     (1 day ago)

    +Dutch soon... tick.. tock

  • Ruby Harris

     (May 10, 2019)

    +fark bett Soon

  • Achilles8472

     (Jan 19, 2019)

    Just remember the entire existential crisis arc about being a computer was written by a bot.

  • futurestoryteller

     (5 days ago)

    Did I just see several people use the "word" "co-writed" seriously?

  • Keep Quiet

     (May 6, 2019)

    I like how there are “arcs” in a five and a half video

  • Top Hatted Creature

     (Jan 17, 2019)

    Ally: I can't make sense of sounds. Repeat?Actually so relatable...

  • CzochiaBoll

     (Apr 4, 2019)

    that's just fancier way of saying "what?"

  • Blirtt

     (Jan 14, 2019)

    best and deepest line: " I'm just a program, designed to make haha. A file named 'Laugh Man'. "

  • Jackion B8

     (1 day ago)

    +Louthinator that would be pretty weird. But if it was, whose to say the rest of the cast are real. Are you real? Am I !? Or are we just 1s and 0s in something much larger?

  • Louthinator

     (1 day ago)

    or better yet, "a file named laughing man""I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes."

  • Lemon delicious

     (Feb 15, 2019)

    "This apple cider is a granola bar, and it hurts to drink!"

  • Ragdoll X

     (Jan 26, 2019)

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that the AI made Katie's first line about flirting lol

  • lazerbeam134

     (Feb 25, 2019)

    I am for sure.

  • MaLLinz289

     (Jan 18, 2019)

    Its a decent approximation of every characters usual joke style, especially Katie

  • Andrei Yang

     (6 days ago)

    It's missing the cocaine aspect though.Maybe the bot isn't quite advanced enough to pick up the subplots.