How Humans Broke the Game

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 14, 2019
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  • TierZoo

     1 months ago

    Oh btw did y'all know I'm on twitter too? Follow me:

  • sky

     an hour ago

    youre not funny

  • Freedoman

     20 days ago

    Humans are not the only animals to sweat so loosing hair was a bug. Horses, all primates, and a few others can sweat.

  • Pink Puff Fluff Thing

     2 months ago

    Everyone gangsta until the naked primates starts getting multi kills from 30+ meters away

  • Resonate II

     27 days ago

    @Flamboyant Opossum TOTALLY NOT GAY !

  • Alexander R. Jaruk

     1 months ago

    Everyone gangster until the cops pull up, then you find out who is for real and whos faking. (The real ones go to jail...)

  • Vasil Svolopoulos

     1 months ago

    "They spec'd into longer legs and less body hair"Well clearly I missed _that_ patch. Dammit.

  • Benjamin Lambert


    This post is brought to you by Dwarf Gang

  • Emir Baba

     5 days ago


  • Phillip Porter

     1 months ago

    Bruh, imagine you accidentally choose random when you spawn in and you wake up a fruit fly

  • Angelo Craft

     3 days ago


  • Mason Lowing

     6 days ago

    Once spawned as a starfish...Never tap random animals,

  • Silent Echo

     1 months ago

    I like how they explain human history as a video game.*it's more realistic that way*

  • Dank Sanchez

     2 days ago

    Mayur Ghatkar ah I see your a fellow believer in Scientology XD

  • King HOTCOCO

     2 days ago

    As a video game, pff it’s always been like this.

  • Dustin Z.

     1 months ago

    The game is buggy my intelligence stats can't increase

  • Blue_Squirrel


    Same I for some reason can get rid of the "body fat" points so my strength meter is going down

  • Yordano Levy

     3 days ago

    @Apache helicopter deep

  • Weebs McGee

     2 months ago

    Devs: I think these Humans are too OP... let's get water!*Patch 1.3.7*Humans: boat

  • Nip Dip

     11 days ago

    god: nani

  • MC Mark Markson

     1 months ago

    Next Patch, OK let's introduce a virus that is just a bunch of random scripts randomly killing human players.Humans: invents vaccinesDevs: ffs

  • burnt f1ames

     1 months ago

    I see that valve is supporting this game -little updates - and no ww3

  • Journey of the Soul

     5 days ago

    World War more than 2 but less than 4.

  • burnt f1ames

     6 days ago

    @Chirby The YT Fan that will come in 2020 theres 2 people who can actually work on tf2 now

  • Cromwell Castaneda

     1 months ago

    I sometimes think that TierZoo is secretly a nigh-omnipotent god from another dimension but spectates the Earth.

  • William

     22 days ago

    Isnt he?

  • Renovartio

     24 days ago


  • TONI K

     1 months ago

    The industrial expansion was what truly broke the game!

  • Leonard Pirate

     17 days ago

    It allowed for even more crafts and more resources!

  • Vasil Svolopoulos

     28 days ago

    @ryan macdonald So far, that's just vaporware.