Wait: Is This Video BRANDED?!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 1, 2016
  • Watch these ad gumshoes dig up the TRUTH about the branded shill in their midst.We've got something big in the works. Help us out with the following survey, wont'cha? Automatically enter to win a sweeps with prizes including a $500 gift card and 3 $100 gift cards.https://www.marketingresearchresource...See more http://www.collegehumor.comLIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumorFOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumorFOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com
  • Source: https://youtu.be/BHkheN5ARK8


  • Galxi

     2 years ago

    Oh my lord I HATE these videos. Luckily I can watch any video in high definition of my Samsung Galaxy s7

  • Jack Frost

     6 days ago

    Galxi they had us in the first part not gonna lie

  • XxTheXboxNoobxX

     12 days ago

    Luckily I have been watching this video while snacking on some crisps Pringle’s potato chips

  • Memo Memo

     1 years ago

    Plot twist: This is actually an ad for judgemental self driving car

  • Antonio Scalleta

     15 days ago

    I am your two hundredth like. Lol.

  • Voogish

     2 months ago

    The joke at the end is that it was though.

  • anders

     1 years ago

    I also want a Katie that just says "Yeah!" after all my witty one-liners

  • what's it to ya!?

     3 months ago

    Katie and Grant are my brotp. They are both goofy as h*ck.

  • Katie Hadfield

     6 months ago


  • Jordan B

     2 years ago

    "wait jail?!?!" literally the best part

  • dil oreo

     12 days ago

    @TCt83067695 for not disclosing ads

  • Dias Amreé

     5 months ago


  • Squibbs Walker

     2 years ago

    "now in three new flavours: horse raddish, raddishand HORSE"

  • The Creeper King

     10 months ago

    Squibbs Walker I just ruined your perfect 600 like count

  • Ajc 7575

     10 months ago

    In 4 new flavors, Lays, Walkers, Sits, And Runs.

  • Kristan Collins

     1 years ago

    I actually saw Grant in an ad the other day.

  • MrRaptor07

     3 months ago

    the prophecy is true

  • carples

     2 years ago

    Idk why but 2:42 was the best part.Grant: Can it bird-brain!Katie: yeah...

  • The Slime League

     4 months ago

    Not to mention he stutters during the final cut

  • bleh

     9 months ago

    XD Oml

  • Irish Mud

     1 years ago

    HTZ * looks dead at camera*make a connection

  • Paul Ramos

     2 years ago

    I absolutely hate branded videos! Luckily with the convenient design of YouTube, I can truly let my voice be heard! Now with my two week free trial of YouTube Red, I have even more power! 😉

  • bleh

     8 months ago

    Lmao XD

  • austin gates

     2 years ago

    lol the way she says "Yeah!"

  • Fendep Gamer

     1 years ago

    austin gates ik i replayed it 10 times xd