Stop Living in a "Sad Boy House"

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 9, 2016
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  • Isaac Kramer

     2 years ago

    My sister lives in a sad girl house.My brother lives in a sad boy house.I live in my parents' house.

  • Povijest Povijest

     3 months ago

    @Heather Calun U still alive?

  • Joku Sekou

     1 years ago

    Sad parents house

  • Bexxkie

     2 years ago

    So you're saying I shouldn't use old alcohol bottles as decoration?

  • Legend Belfalcon

     1 years ago

    Right? I mean not 'all' alcohol bottles but what about the really cool shaped ones or unique ones?

  • seraphilight

     2 years ago

    Not old empty bottles, alcohol. You need help if you have so much you just sit it on the counter and then start buying those novelty bottles to start making a little shrine...I mean, having a bar area is one thing, but if it's completely not in use and you've arranged it to be more decorative than function because the alcohol you use isn't there...TL;DR- my parents have issue.

  • Chris Patry

     2 years ago

    why wasn't Katie the one in the sad girl house? It would have made much more sense with the running joke.

  • Brad Miller

     1 months ago

    The joke is that Katie's a cocaine addict, not an alcoholic.

  • Zioma

     3 months ago

    Katie is in the meth house, not the sad house

  • Baldemoto

     2 years ago

    This hits too close to home.

  • Jinquis

     1 years ago

    change the bottles of alcohol to empty minigrips and scrumbled pieces of smoking paper everywhere, and the melted plastic in the oven to a oven that simply stopped working years ago (im anxious telling my landlord)and here we go... welcome to my prison.

  • Kaze Chan

     1 years ago

    That's really normal in Indonesia. Some people live with their parents for more than 40 years.. until they give them grandchild and so on. It's always amaze me most western people so independent.

  • wow717

     2 years ago

    I am sad girl who married sad boy and now we just have a sad gender neutral house!

  • Ian B

     5 months ago

    WOW! How progressive!

  • Nickw2004

     8 months ago

    All inclusive pigsty!

  • winceWorthy

     2 years ago

    I'd like to see a sequal to this video with a sad girl house

  • MobiusCoin

     2 months ago

    @a Literally the most wrong anyone can be. 😂

  • Amy Stein

     5 months ago

    There is one, I think it came first. Look it up.

  • Zero_Burn

     2 years ago

    Putting in effort for a WHOLE WEEKEND? Is there a less strenuous version? Maybe "Putting in a Tiny Amount of Effort For an Entire Evening"?

  • EmilyA1984

     2 months ago

    @Suzanne Z I did something similar today. I haven't cleaned in a little while (we're talking normal dirtiness; not hoarder level, because I still pick up after myself, wash dishes, et cetera), and the dirtiest part of my place was the bathroom, so I told myself I'd clean just that, but then I got motivated and ended up cleaning the kitchen too.

  • Suzanne Z

     5 months ago

    NOT JOKING I do a thing sometimes where I set a timer for 10 minutes and I'm aloud to stop cleaning at the end of the 10 minutes. It's supposed to get me started, read it in some self help book. I'm procrastinating doing that thing right now. That will be 10 minutes out of a VERY happy Jake & Amir marathon :/

  • CJusticeHappen21

     2 years ago

    I'm so freaked out. When did they even find the time to break into my apartment?

  • Jordan Link

     2 years ago

    sounds like depression to me

  • Charles Calthrop

     10 days ago

    lusteraliaszero because thats how depression works. Moron.

  • Rachel C

     11 months ago

    Sad Girl House sounds more like depression. This just seems like young guy not knowing better.

  • A Skeptical Human

     2 years ago

    "If you're not going to use that big-ass tub of whey protein you should just throw it out"LOL! I've had one of these in my pantry for like 2 years. It's easily still over half full.

  • EmilyA1984

     2 months ago

    My mom once bought a big-ass tub of......some kind of protein powder. It was labelled as "chocolate," but it tasted like potting soil--or, wait, no, potting soil has some moisture to it, so I'd say that this stuff tasted more like sand. So, after tasting it and agreeing that it was disgusting, my mom said, "well, maybe the vanilla flavour is better." I talked her out of it.

  • big man

     3 months ago

    sameee 😂