The Nightmare After the Fifth Element

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 23, 2019
  • SIgn up for DROPOUT.TV, available WORLDWIDE! the INTERNATIONAL app here: Oyama, Kirk Damato, and Sam Bashor learn about violent motion capture, and find the omega level imposter... eventually.FOLLOW THE CAST:ALLY: more http://www.collegehumor.comLIKE us on: us on: us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.comSIGN UP for our emails: TrappZac OyamaKirk DamatoSam BashorCREWDirector - Michael SchaubachWriter - Michael SaltzmanProducer - Jessie HixenbaughProduction Coordinator - Olivia AguilarDirector of Photography - Carter RossHMU - Denise Renee ValentineSound Mixer - Chris Bennett for BoTown SoundVFX Artist - TJ GonzalezEditor - Erin Hassidim and Eve Hinz
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  • Aryan Bhattacharya

    Aryan Bhattacharya

     5 months ago +608


  • StephanieLorenG


     5 months ago +230

    Zac rejecting his point out of honor is such an odd turn-on

  • It's Quite Elementary

    It's Quite Elementary

     5 months ago +171

    Um actually, Matthew Malloy and X-Man are considered to be "Beyond Omega Level Mutants" alongside only a few others which include Franklin Richards, Gabriel Summers, and Absolon Mercator. Also if anyone is wondering why Iceman is considered "Omega Level" it is because he can take any physical damage and then reform by using the moisture in the air, turn his body into water and gas without needing to be hurt at all, create almost anything physical that he wants with ice (basically a green lantern), travel from coast to coast in seconds by converting into water form and reforming on the other side, once he froze the earth and became part of it he then could perceive everything happening on earth all at the same time, and most importantly he can make the molecules of anything go to absolute zero with just a though and unfreeze it, he could be standing on the other side of the world and freeze you. He can do so many more global scale manipulating feats, but Bobby is just too careless and never bothers to learn use his powers to their upper limit.

  • ifaale Aa

    ifaale Aa

     5 months ago +84

    No one:
    J. K. Rowling : Umm actually...

  • BigSmokeVEVO


     5 months ago +306

    I like how one simple sketch turned into one of fan most favorite series.

  • 1 Million Subscribers Without Any Content

    1 Million Subscribers Without Any Content

     5 months ago +53

    Who else miss Zac?

  • Gordon Shumway

    Gordon Shumway

     5 months ago +125

    Um, actually... Mortal Kombat used digitized images of the actors, not motion capture. Instead, motion capturing consists in capturing their movements and using them to animate 3D models. If photographing or filming a person and putting their image in the game is "motion capture" then Goro would be motion captured too, as they used frames of the figurine in different positions, just like they did with the actors.

  • Mr. Doe

    Mr. Doe

     5 months ago +202

    Aaayyy Sam Bashor from SourceFed and SourceFed Nerd

  • Isaac Kotlicky

    Isaac Kotlicky

     5 months ago +28

    I'm impressed by the display of deliberately wrong paraphernalia on the walls.

  • i9incher


     5 months ago +43

    Um actually, you should bring Zac back.

  • The Shamanite

    The Shamanite

     5 months ago +85

    Um, actually Trapp said 'preceeded' but the subtitles said 'proceeded'.

  • Seven For One

    Seven For One

     5 months ago +92

    "We don't have time to figure this out. JUST MAKE THE STONES GO INSIDE OF YOU."
    I can't get mine out. It's hurty.

  • Black Panther

    Black Panther

     5 months ago +16

    Finally Zac’s back I thought he left ,haven’t seen him in a while.

  • ToExplainLater


     5 months ago +29

    Uumm Actually the term for the Mortal Kombat character capture process is digitization.

  • John Smith

    John Smith

     5 months ago +11

    Is it just me or is the energy in this video weirdly calmer than usual?

  • Cecelia Eastland

    Cecelia Eastland

     5 months ago +39

    I'm over here yelling at my screen "Professor X Gosh DARN IT, PROFESSOR X"

  • Peleg


     5 months ago +11

    This was one of the best episodes so far! Make sure Zac comes back!

  • Justin Shim

    Justin Shim

     5 months ago +21

    The Professor is an omega-level telepath , but not an omega-level mutant, I guess. Which is weird because the ability to sub-consciously manipulate people is insanely powerful.

  • MidNiteParis


     5 months ago +17

    Grant tries hard to get hard? that the right description for this video? Is Grant watching this off-screen and trying to get turned on?

  • Francesca Jaume

    Francesca Jaume

     5 months ago +16

    It's Zac!!!!!! Things haven't been the same in the College Humor sketches without him 😭