Grindr Profile Picture Day

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 12, 2019
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  • CollegeHumor


     4 months ago +273

    Single Indie SVOD Comedy Platform looking to mingle. Technically a switch but very into subs. Definitely uncut! Sign up here:
    Download the INTERNATIONAL app here:

  • G. S.

    G. S.

     4 months ago +3110

    “Oh... I can get you both in. 😏”
    Oh, my. This was about to turn into a very different kind of video, wasn’t it?

  • Kitty mcPurr

    Kitty mcPurr

     4 months ago +2761

    The dates only guy is soooo precious!!

  • Joonas Rantanen

    Joonas Rantanen

     4 months ago +1957

    my heart just melted for the "dates only"- guy

  • Sir Cen

    Sir Cen

     4 months ago +618

    Thing is, I would totally date the dates only guy

  • Tree Stump

    Tree Stump

     4 months ago +1179

    Lmao I always get confused when I see “straight guy” on Grindr. Like being on Grindr is pretty gay lmaoo you’re not fooling anyone



     4 months ago +395

    "Oh, I can get you both in." I love you Grant

  • Jagoss


     4 months ago +1144

    i feel like grant is becoming progressively gayer with each new video on CH.

  • Jake Kelday

    Jake Kelday

     4 months ago +462

    Grant needs to make that his actual Grindr profile pic, and anyone else want a Scuff version of this...

  • Just gab

    Just gab

     4 months ago +394

    I'm basically the "date only"
    Ima die alone...

  • deaf-tomcat


     4 months ago +347

    Sad there was no mention of finding old classmates on there lol.

  • Kai McKenzie

    Kai McKenzie

     4 months ago +104

    You can see a queer guy wrote this. It's all SPOT ON! Love it - A bi guy

  • Juliana Bunnell

    Juliana Bunnell

     4 months ago +322

    "No one with wisdom teeth."

  • Mister Incognito

    Mister Incognito

     4 months ago +74

    The last joke is just golden. Funny sketch

  • Yass Panda25

    Yass Panda25

     4 months ago +97

    Grant just wants everyone to know he's 8.5 inches, cut.

  • rwhoover


     4 months ago +173

    you forgot my personal favorites:

  • Lincoln Beckett-Scott

    Lincoln Beckett-Scott

     4 months ago +54

    I love and hate how accurate this is.

  • Alex S.

    Alex S.

     4 months ago +31

    glad we’re getting gay visibility for sketches making fun of dating apps

  • August Quinno

    August Quinno

     4 months ago +259

    I literally just clocked off of Grindr to watch this lmao

  • wanderlustwarrior


     4 months ago +27

    Eventually: Bumble - it's just like Tinder, but less honest and more self-congratulatory. And more blank women's profiles.