Oh No, Did We Hurt Brennan's Feelings?

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 11, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/9aimQ6bH-Mw


  • yobyoby18


     7 months ago +4543

    I realised that half of the CH sketches are just one person being normal, and the others being stupid, and not understanding

  • GGaudentius s

    GGaudentius s

     7 months ago +3729

    You know they are good at acting when you hate their character

  • Lenny Kelly

    Lenny Kelly

     7 months ago +4222

    Raphael wrote this? YOU WHAAAAATTT?

  • Zant


     7 months ago +3013

    I feel like Raphael is attacking Brennan in this sketch

  • Ben McLeary

    Ben McLeary

     7 months ago +952

    “I am strong! I’m a big strong boi, I can lift anything!” I believe him, Brennan is best boi

  • Jorge Quiñones

    Jorge Quiñones

     7 months ago +1349

    " I'm visibly not crying!"
    How I feel everyday

  • Kerfuffle


     7 months ago +1131

    The description killed me.
    "If I catch ANYONE even LIGHTLY teasing Brennan, I will flip out, because he has literally no resilience and folds like origami and I don't think he can eat solid food?"
    I put it here because some people don't read the description–

  • Abigail Clark

    Abigail Clark

     7 months ago +1012

    I’ll watch anything with Brennan in it

  • Flame Beats

    Flame Beats

     7 months ago +896

    "I can lift anything." - Brennan, 2019
    Prove it.

  • Emma Turtles

    Emma Turtles

     7 months ago +1966

    Brennan's feelings: priority #1

  • Mediocre And Worse

    Mediocre And Worse

     7 months ago +1478

    I thought it said "Cuddling Brennan" on the thumbnail and I would definitely love to do that
    He's my pwecious little Wungeon Master, yes he is, yes he is

  • Bola Fayemi

    Bola Fayemi

     7 months ago +454

    the chaotic energy that Katie and Jessica bring while together is everything I live for.

  • Sean Harmon

    Sean Harmon

     7 months ago +902

    We don’t deserve Brennan

  • Justin Pal-Freeman

    Justin Pal-Freeman

     7 months ago +368

    Poor Brennan, working in such an abusive work space. This explains everything.

  • PhantomShark4


     7 months ago +635

    They were afraid the Brennan stans were gonna come for them in the comments.

  • fashiha rz

    fashiha rz

     7 months ago +205

    I was in an office when two people did this to me. We were talking about wine and there were two people who stopped the conversation multiple times to point out that I must be offended by wine because I'm a practicing Muslim. They did this many many times, and when I tried to explain that I'm not actually offended by how they're talking about wine, they go "oh please don't try to teach me your religion" or they gave me the side eye and they go "No no! I respect your belief! it's okay! Oh no please don't be offended!"
    They're twice my age. Imagine being so empty inside that you feel the need to bully someone half youe age.

  • lendial


     7 months ago +136

    brennan is basically a golden retriever puppy, gib him love and belly rubs

  • MobiusCoin


     7 months ago +56

    I haven't noticed until now but this is the first sketch where Brennan (not the CEO guy) is the butt of the joke. He's winning in the hypercompetitive sketch. He's pretty bad ass in the I come from New York sketch. He's the hero in the Basic stuff sketch.

  • RAWRcheznet


     7 months ago +40

    'I'm a big strong boy, I can lift anything' will now be my self-help mantra.

  • Ludvig Skovly

    Ludvig Skovly

     7 months ago +58

    New objective: Protect Brennan’s feelings at all costs