How Avengers Endgame Should Have Ended

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 13, 2019
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  • JudioRulez

     1 months ago

    “EVERYBODY LIVES!” Vision, Loki, Heimdal, infinity war/guardians 2 gamora: Am I a joke to you

  • powercookie m2


    don't forget the nova corps are all dead

  • Liana Ibrahimi

     1 months ago

    Brian Porter yes, but in an alternate universe

  • Annabell Woods

     22 days ago

    Everyone else: *arguing about who is the strongest Avenger*Me, an intellectual: *3:16*

  • Cameron Gordon

     9 hours ago


  • YAP Gaming


    Ironman: am i a joke to you?

  • Hunar Productions

     20 days ago

    Batman: *snaps without Infinity Gauntlet*Me: Woah, how did you do that?Batman: Because I’m Batman.Me: Okay that makes sense.

  • Will Hicks

     13 hours ago

    Andrew Rhodes He resisted the infinity gauntlet earlier so this makes perfect sense

  • Andrew Rhodes

     4 days ago

    Oh, right. I see.

  • Eugene Son

     12 days ago

    Doctor strange could’ve just put thanos in a time loop. “Thanos, I’ve come to bargain”

  • Alex 22


    Dr Strange would have tried it and failed

  • Supreme-485

     3 days ago

    @Luna Chims Boi, Dr. Strange gave it up after like 20 minutes of battling Thanos on Titan. So, Dr. Strange did have it when they were battling thanos and could'vd done it.

  • Fine Banana

     2 days ago

    "I made out with your niece in the future"*-Steve (2019)*

  • Jay Harris

     5 hours ago

    Hesham Al Omary i mean again

  • Hesham Al Omary

     5 hours ago

    @Jay Harris Already watched both

  • Mimi Mimi

     1 months ago

    Every Avenger: Everybody livesLoki: Am I a joke to you!?

  • Evility Evolotus

     an hour ago

    Bernardo Barros Outdated comment.

  • Anousone Skywalker


    Marvel movie

  • Ender Ethan

     10 days ago

    The scarlet witch ending could just be the ending for almost any movie after age of Ultron. 😂

  • Adam Olenoski

     4 days ago

    @Liam da Lemon! And squirrels.

  • M.Rasyid Abdul Roni

     5 days ago

    it's actually almost happend, then thanos order the rain. so it's not.

  • Doctor Doggo

     18 days ago

    Yay! Everyone lives!Thor: Is my brother a joke to you?Scarlet Witch: Yeah what about mine?

  • Shea Kelley

     3 hours ago

    CottonTube that’s a lie..

  • Battle Droid 2008

     5 days ago

    @CottonTube not in this anyway


     21 days ago

    Petition: We want the skit of the Cap meeting red skull⬇️ Like to sign.....😊😊

  • JD Davidson

     4 days ago

    Sub plz

  • Cryxcop

     11 days ago

    Thanos: you cant live without your own failure...where did that bring you?-Thor: much talk! *cuts head*

  • Thanos the Mad TITAN

     11 days ago

    Where did that bring you?Back to..*_CHOP_*