My BestFriends are Dating... (here's proof)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 11, 2019
  • My bestfriends Bobby Mares and Franny Arrieta are dating!FOLLOW ME!David Alvarez: Twitter: business inquires: Please Email me at FRANNY BOBBY
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  • David Alvareeezy

    David Alvareeezy

     1 months ago +3885

    Like this video and I’ll get Franny and Bobby to kiss.

  • itsbobbymares


     1 months ago +5209

    you convinced me... that girl is in love with me. cant blame her, honestly!

  • heather j

    heather j

     1 months ago +2347

    I’m actually offended that Bobby didn’t claim Franny as his girl best friend in the beginning and it’s not even me 😂😂

  • Jaclin Tran

    Jaclin Tran

     1 months ago +1514

    This shit literally cracked me up. David’s editing be on point. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Karen guzman

    Karen guzman

     1 months ago +1478

    We all know when someone has a crush on someone they tend to play around and poke fun at them. Just like what bobby is doing with franny

  • Guadalupe Sanchez

    Guadalupe Sanchez

     1 months ago +1150

    This just them flirting lol and they got matching rings to

  • Tania L

    Tania L

     1 months ago +557

    Bobby: bE mOrE sPeCiFiC
    Corey: hAlF CiRcLe

  • Amanda Beraho

    Amanda Beraho

     1 months ago +628

    1:52 that was such a kian thing to do fran hahahahah

  • heather j

    heather j

     1 months ago +634

    David: “Don’t flirt down there”
    Bobby: “WHYYYYYYYY ?!?!?!?!,!,!,!,!!???”
    Idk why that made me laugh so hard 😂😂

  • Shakira


     1 months ago +769

    David is the best friend and Bobby is the boyfriend. Plus David figured out chachi was pregnant so he knows what he’s saying

  • yvette liliana

    yvette liliana

     1 months ago +530

    when he pulled her closer at at 9:46 😭😭
    I don’t ship them but that was the cutest shit ever omg

  • Julissa Valenzuela

    Julissa Valenzuela

     1 months ago +159

    Anyone noticed that she does that one laughs and scream like kian at 1:52

  • Niyah Watson

    Niyah Watson

     1 months ago +456

    You should do this with Nezza and Kian or Nezza and Bobs

  • Amaris O. Ikimi

    Amaris O. Ikimi

     1 months ago +259


  • Loren Bernard

    Loren Bernard

     1 months ago +227

    Love you David your videos great❤️. But what the hell was that at 9:46 he pulled her closer sooo cuteeeeeee and I’m not tryna hurt people’s feelings.

  • Andrea Henriquez

    Andrea Henriquez

     1 months ago +169

    david exposing/shipping franny & bobby for 11 minutes straight

  • beatrice Benson

    beatrice Benson

     1 months ago +215

    bobby or franny should make merch saying “I’m all you got bob” 😂 love y’all

  • Simrun Eqbal

    Simrun Eqbal

     1 months ago +260

    When are you going to film the video where you take over vanessa's tinder with Aaron roni and Alex???

  • Melanie Anton

    Melanie Anton

     1 months ago +196

    This video should be titled 11 minutes of Franny and Bobby secretly flirting💀

  • Heather King

    Heather King

     1 months ago +141

    No one:
    Not a single soul:
    Bobby: bE mORe SpECifiC