Why Americans suck at soccer (well, the men)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 21, 2018
  • We’ve got a theory, and it involves the soccer wars.Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjOWatch the SB Nation video about the 1999 US Women's World Cup team here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nbt6H...And subscribe to SB Nation on YouTube! https://goo.gl/NbabaeIn this episode of Vox Almanac, Vox’s Phil Edwards puts forth a theory about terrible American men’s soccer.There are a lot of reasons Americans suck at soccer - but if you look at the history, you’ll find a surprisingly compelling explanation for why American soccer never took off. In the 1920s, soccer was a surprisingly successful sport in the US, with massive matches and a robust league. What went wrong?American soccer and English football first diverged in the 1800s, when American colleges like Harvard and Yale started playing a more rugby-like game. But America quickly caught up with soccer in the 1920s, attracting large crowds and even stealing away European players.Then the soccer wars happened. Constant battles in the 1920s between the ASL - American Soccer League - and USFA — United States Football Association — carved up American soccer’s cash, fans, and talent. By the time the depression hit, American soccer was so weakened that it couldn’t rebound as well as European and South American soccer culture did. The subsequent half-century of sports build up gave Americans a permanent handicap when it came to building a robust soccer culture.It’s a theory — but the success of the US Women’s National Team bears out the idea that something is specifically wrong for the men. And it just might be the case that 1920s soccer wars are the reason.Read about the own-goal that made the US Men's National Team miss the 2018 World Cup: https://www.theringer.com/2018/6/5/17...Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com.Watch our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyEFollow Vox on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06oOr Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H
  • Source: https://youtu.be/9PNqVilJESg


  • Vox


     a years ago +1006

    If you picture a soccer ball looking like this ⚽, you're not alone. But back in the early days of television they looked very, very different. Watch: http://bit.ly/2tf3RP5

  • Parth Gajjar

    Parth Gajjar

     a years ago +3497

    They sucked so hard, they picked up the ball and started running with it and called it football.

  • Facts


     9 months ago +1440

    i dont care if amercains call it soccer i just dont understad who was thowing an egg around and thought football was a good name to call it

  • a crocodile

    a crocodile

     10 months ago +1998

    when iceland a country with 338,000 people are ten times better

  • Big Black Rock

    Big Black Rock

     10 months ago +480

    Dafaq if this music? Pick either a flute or a drum beat, don't mix them.

  • yummyjackalmeat


     4 months ago +559

    the music selection and sound design are truly terrible.

  • Taehyung's voice is deeper than the Mariana trench

    Taehyung's voice is deeper than the Mariana trench

     a years ago +3052

    And then......
    s o c c e r
    I wonder what went wrong?¿

  • MR FlackAttack

    MR FlackAttack

     5 months ago +585

    The choice of background audio is all over the place.

  • Reformed Doomer

    Reformed Doomer

     4 months ago +308

    Wtf is wrong with the background music

  • Luke Lepore

    Luke Lepore

     3 months ago +67

    I dont know maybe because it isnt a popular sport in the US among men

  • Noni Mulyana

    Noni Mulyana

     1 months ago +71

    I can't concentrate with the video because of the freaking music 🙄

  • Khumo Thage

    Khumo Thage

     a years ago +2666

    Because its football.

  • andrew g

    andrew g

     1 months ago +161

    It’s not that American men are worse than American women at soccer, in comparison to the other countries... it’s that women in other parts of the world don’t play sports at all, but the men there do... and they play only soccer.
    So really it’s just the men’s teams from other countries are just incredibly good, whereas the women’s teams aren’t.
    Make sense?

  • Daniel Corral

    Daniel Corral

     2 months ago +52

    The editing in this video is downright jarring, audio is random seemingly and the shots change so rapidly. It's quite distracting.

  • BC87


     2 months ago +38

    0:32 Is it possible for you to get a laptop with an even dirtier screen.

  • pepehorne


     3 months ago +35

    Correction: USA didn’t finish 3rd in 1930. because there was no 3rd place match. In fact, the semifinalist who lost to a World Champion was considered 3rd, therefore, Yugoslavia should’ve been declared as 3rd.
    Some legend says that Yugoslavians and Americans played a game in a backyard of their hotel, but none of the players on both team wanted to satly who won that game, because they made a deal as gentlemen that they wouldn’t brag, but they just wanted to see who’s better... among themselves. Sounds so romantic, but i guess people were different then.

  • Ahmad Dabous

    Ahmad Dabous

     2 months ago +19

    Vox: does effort to explain with info
    Also Vox: Ctrl C this video and Ctrl V but change America to Canada. Boom no difference

  • Skycynical


     1 months ago +12

    Did you just put (Men) in the tiltle a few months after release?

  • StuffTube


     9 months ago +65

    Plus there is less competition for women...
    other countries hardly have women programs.

  • mrbenwest


     2 months ago +20

    Dele Ali passes to Kane and erm
    America kicks it in their own net