Disagreeing Doesn’t Make You Smart

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 1, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/8xiAY4KI2WY


  • CollegeHumor


     5 months ago +956

    Only the truly 500IQ intellectuals can understand the premium content on DROPOUT: https://bit.ly/2sX294r

  • Comic Drake

    Comic Drake

     5 months ago +4846

    Can this be forwarded to like 90% of users on Twitter?

  • Enthused Norseman

    Enthused Norseman

     5 months ago +518

    I can't watch this. This is the person I'm terrified of becoming.

  • Jhonel Ola

    Jhonel Ola

     5 months ago +842

    Huh... so basically r/iamverysmart

  • Furqan Baba

    Furqan Baba

     5 months ago +250

    This was a good sketch
    Well, not exactly

  • Water Lily

    Water Lily

     5 months ago +132

    "I studied there, I didn't just go there" LOL

  • Justin Y.

    Justin Y.

     5 months ago +3301

    "Just because you're right doesn't mean you're correct"

  • QueenFiria


     5 months ago +108

    Ooooh my god Reika, this character is TOO REAL! I've never wanted to punch you before! I don't know what to do with myself!? TOO REAL

  • Sebastian Alfaro

    Sebastian Alfaro

     5 months ago +440

    Is the end a callback to the sketch about saying foreign words with a thick, exaggerated accent?

  • glow milk

    glow milk

     5 months ago +50

    love how at the end she was about to over-pronounce 'prosciutto', nice little callback to trapp's vid!

  • CaptainRegular


     5 months ago +145

    Man, I can't believe you guys got Aziz Ansari to guest star!

  • Mystery M

    Mystery M

     5 months ago +1933

    "The ability to talk does not make you intelligent"

  • The Walnut

    The Walnut

     5 months ago +69

    "Disagreeing doesn't make you smart"
    Omg send this to PETA

  • mark janson

    mark janson

     3 days ago +2

    I have now come to understand that I am this person.
    This is literately an exact mirror image of my personality.
    I also know understand why no one likes me.

  • Umm Guy?

    Umm Guy?

     5 months ago +58

    No one:
    Rehka: nOt ExAcTlY

  • YeppyNope


     5 months ago +30

    Cops: did you kidnap this woman?
    Uuuuhhhh.... not exactly

  • Simon Skogsberg

    Simon Skogsberg

     5 months ago +616


  • Pyromancer42


     5 months ago +8

    As someone who disagrees with things because it makes me feel smart:
    good video

  • Angela M

    Angela M

     5 months ago +24

    Wtf how did she somehow make herself have EXACTLY the same haircut and moustache as my dad? Lmao

  • Faisal Ashfaq

    Faisal Ashfaq

     5 months ago +56

    Who else thinks rekha's skits or her part in the vids r going great