OneRepublic - Let's Hurt Tonight

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 6, 2016
  • Listen to OneRepublic's new single "Rescue Me," out now: OneRepublic: up for email updates: to OneRepublic on Spotify: OneRepublic on tour: OneRepublic:Facebook: video by OneRepublic performing Let's Hurt Tonight. (C) 2016 Mosley Music/Interscope Records
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  • Nazar Dudchak

     9 months ago

    Read this if you have ever felt alone, depressed, suicidal, lost, scared, worthless, abandoned, or anything of that nature, this is for youYou Are Beautiful.You Are Wanted.You Are Wonderful.Don't quit on yourself. Don't hurt yourself. You are worth the world and nobody wants to see you suffering. This is not the end. The way you feel right now will pass. Peoples minds will change. Things WILL get better.We love you and are always here for you. Do NOT do something permanent over something temp...

  • Idiot Ranger

     5 hours ago

    You know this really made me feel wanted and loved so thank you 🙂😂

  • Reloaded

     13 hours ago

    Спасибо ебатб, за теплые слова родной!

  • El cómic quero

     4 months ago

    Is just my opinion but Onrepublic are better than Cardi B

  • Idiot Ranger

     5 hours ago

    Hell yeah they are

  • Bad_vibes_gaming

     4 days ago

    El cómic quero funny how it’s not a opinion tho bro

  • Josh Innov8

     5 months ago

    Song: *ends*Me*its rewind time*

  • Idiot Ranger

     5 hours ago

    Dude shut up😂😂😂

  • Roni Ideal

     6 days ago

    Josh Innov8 ah thats hot

  • Matthew Carl

     2 months ago

    Who hear this in the new Netflix film. The Last Summer ?

  • Javier Belmonte



  • Thènh Mưn

     25 days ago

    what is that film

  • Giuseppe īøđix

     6 months ago

    Watching in 2019??

  • Sofia Denti

     22 days ago

    watching this every day

  • Skate or die

     2 months ago


  • kittyatemytaco

     4 months ago

    One Republic, Imagine Dragons, and Coldplay. All of them collab together10/5 would smash

  • Julia Rosiak

     5 days ago

    Best bands ever ❤

  • Amais Niazi

     10 days ago

    That's hot that hot

  • grack

     1 months ago

    *they say love is pain, well darling, let’s hurt tonight* That hit

  • Hannah Sophia

     4 months ago

    My biggest fear?Love.I’m scared of love. Yet it’s one thing I want more than anything. I know that it will hurt. I know that I could risk losing everything. But I’d also have the chance of gaining everything. Yes, I’m scared, but I’m ready.

  • Julia Rosiak

     5 days ago

    You aren't scared of Love, You're scared to be hurt

  • ZOBBIORED gaming

     1 months ago

    My biggest fear?Everything

  • Erin Kennedy

     1 years ago


  • Idiot Ranger

     5 hours ago


  • veronica Friz

     7 days ago

    I just love the idea 😀😀😀😍

  • Josep767

     9 months ago

    When, when we came homeWorn to the bonesI told myself, "this could get rough"And when, when I was off, which happened a lotYou came to me and said, "that's enough"Oh I know that this love is painBut we can't cut it from out these veins, noSo I'll hit the lights and you lock the doorsWe ain't leaving this room 'til we bust the moldDon't walk away, don't roll your eyesThey say love is pain, well darling, let's hurt tonightWhen, when you came homeWorn to the bonesI told my...

  • Peka Gnyaz

     2 months ago


  • Michela Bertagna

     3 months ago