Cat Cafes & Trap Bars w/ LilyPichu! JAPAN VLOG! | Pokimane

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 17, 2017
  • Recently I went to Japan with Lily & we had lots of fun visiting the cat cafes, eating yummy ramen, and seeing some.. unusual things.. 🤔 i share it all with you in this vlog - enjoy! : )
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  • Pokimane


     2 years ago +953

    Hey everyone ❤️ This vlog actually has a part 2! Make sure to "like" the video if you wanna see the second part :D

  • shurppa64


     17 hours ago

    Lily's sex tape is out. Just watched it.

  • KevinTheSkater _91

    KevinTheSkater _91


    Me:Babe your so cute

    Her: 4:21

  • bulma_at999


     7 days ago

    trap is a slur

  • Erm x

    Erm x

     7 days ago

    I'm going Japan I have too

  • dan choen

    dan choen

     14 days ago

    Such weebs

  • ismael Rodriguez

    ismael Rodriguez

     21 days ago

    U high

  • Dr. Stone

    Dr. Stone

     28 days ago

    Yes, the two girls in the thumbnails is gorgeous.

  • Joniski


     1 months ago

    whats the song at 3:50?

  • Good Game

    Good Game

     1 months ago

    Honestly, my favorite ship ever

  • Yuma Kuga

    Yuma Kuga

     1 months ago

    IT'S U149 AWWW

  • John El Alien

    John El Alien

     1 months ago

    Can someone pls tell me the song at 03:52

  • Orange Gamer

    Orange Gamer

     1 months ago

    Just watched two girls in japan calling every thing cute

  • SIR H

    SIR H

     2 months ago

    You can tell that poki staid up all night since she started singing like that

  • Erick Ortiz

    Erick Ortiz

     2 months ago

    14:21 blaze it OmegaLUL

    Jake N' Bake Poggers

  • Terminator


     2 months ago

    Is it me or does poki kind of look like summer glau from firefly and terminator Sarah connor chronicles

  • Ryouma Koushiro

    Ryouma Koushiro

     3 months ago

    Wait a minute.... There's a trap cafe in Japan?! Man, that's screwed up for sure.

  • Vandana Jain

    Vandana Jain

     3 months ago

    i used to live in japan for 7 yrs and im so nostalic and happy that you`re enjoying japan

  • Ben Smith

    Ben Smith

     3 months ago

    9:59 who's the girl in the background! she cute tho

  • xFrostxPrincess


     3 months ago

    UwU Poki~Chan