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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 14, 2019
  • It's the moment you've all been waiting for— the TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE #22 w/ RHETT & LINK is HERE! SUBSCRIBE TO OUR SAVIORS: THE SMOSH CLOTHING LINE: #RhettandLink #SmoshPit———————Merch: Games: Up! Cartoons: en Français: en Español:
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  • Tiffany Lastinger

     2 months ago

    .....shayne's literal dedication to the joke that he learned how to say it in different languages.......what an icon

  • Jose Martinez

     6 days ago

    Hes good in spanixh too lol

  • Guava Wolf

     9 days ago

    Why........ to much........dots

  • sen_dd

     1 months ago

    Everyone: *comes up with an actual joke*Link: *whoopee cushion hat*

  • FoxyPirateFox9054

     9 days ago

    Shayne: Pizza place 100 timesYou: heheheheLink: Whoopee Cushion hat a few timesYou: MAKE A REAL JOKE

  • 28goku3 -roblox

     11 days ago

    sen_dd LoL

  • Ethan Brown

     1 months ago

    Damien's biggest stalker joke is the most underrated Smosh moment ever.

  • Jana Gilbert

     13 days ago

    At least 80% of the things Damien says are iconic AF, but how many times are they noticed on film?Actually tbh that probably makes them even funnier since we're the ones looking for his sense of humor hahahaha

  • Ann Burleson

     20 days ago

    Ethan Brown yep 😂

  • ithano83

     1 months ago

    Rhett: 6"7Link: 6"0Shayne: 5"7

  • Andrej Nikolov

     3 days ago

    Ian is 5'8 and looms the same height as Shane

  • Friend Count None

     1 months ago

    The entire “Good Mythical Crime Scene Investigation” section, I was waiting for Damien to say “Let’s talk about thAT”

  • FoxyPirateFox9054

     9 days ago

    Yeah, it never came :(

  • hunter 21

     15 days ago

    I sense a new smoosh skit

  • Dead Inside

     2 months ago

    Shayne taking the time to learn “you’re my favorite pizza place” in other languages is everything

  • Nain

     26 days ago

    @Vlizard I guess he meant pizzería

  • Vlizard

     1 months ago

    pizzadilla! 😂, (we also named it pizza in mexico)

  • Unikatie

     1 months ago

    3:40-4:11 Rhett looking extremely concerned for Courtney's mental health for thirty seconds

  • Autumn Martin-Geerts

     7 days ago

    Unikatie he looked entertained for the first two but that changed as she kept going.

  • Roasted Tomato

     1 months ago

    Shaynes Disney's so random one was actually really funny

  • R8W8's weird cousin

     1 months ago

    shayne is like a dwarf compared to rhett. look at 8:51

  • Danny bee

     2 days ago

    Rhett would dwarf a lot of people considering he's 6'7

  • Liquity

     1 months ago

    R8W8's weird cousin Shayne is 5’8” and Rhett is 6’7”

  • Braelyn Cunningham

     1 months ago

    I love how Shane didn't get disqualified for touching DamianThanks for all the likes👍👇

  • Braelyn Cunningham

     9 days ago

    @Owen _ makes sense

  • Ash_Wolf222 : ]

     21 days ago