Trump tweets that Sarah Sanders is leaving White House

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 13, 2019
  • President Donald Trump tweeted that press secretary Sarah Sanders will be leaving the White House after more than three years of service. #CNN #News
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  • - segovia -

    - segovia -

     2 months ago

    Is Sarah Sanders next on Dancing With The Stars? That'll take some doing.

  • Herr Drumpf

    Herr Drumpf

     3 months ago

    Bye fat pig sanders. I hope you die next

  • xboxplayz29


     4 months ago

    Yay she's leaving, now please #BringSpicyBack

  • GOD for life

    GOD for life

     4 months ago

    Did not know that there are so many retards on the left it’s not funny the only lies to come from the White House are the ones the dems are telling can’t believe so many buy in to what they are saying but all I can really say if you are not happy here leave and take all the morons (Democrat’s) with you...

  • Critter


     4 months ago

    Good riddance divisive lying piece of sh**, Sanders. There's a special place in Hell for you! I wish you were taking that Idiot, Trump with you.

  • Oliver Haynes

    Oliver Haynes

     4 months ago +1

    Governor! Please!

  • TechSoldierOfficial


     4 months ago +1

    Hey we get a more beautiful woman to look at now

  • Mind Crimes

    Mind Crimes

     4 months ago

    Good job Sarah. Hello Candace?

  • Wolfsong Moondancer

    Wolfsong Moondancer

     5 months ago

    Good riddens, she was a waste of taxpayers money from day one.

  • Sebastian Xavier

    Sebastian Xavier

     5 months ago

    As I have expressed, this is one of the few cases of Trump being brilliant. Why? Republican or Democrat no one produces a more mendacious gubernatorial history in Arkansas--Arkansas rivals Chicago. Sarah Huckabee Pinochio Sanders, the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Your father schooled you on lying and moralizing. Trump helped develop these attributes. Sarah, run for the governor of Arkansas, you are history's perfect fit for Arkansas.

  • PJ Rouss

    PJ Rouss

     5 months ago

    God Bless Mrs Sanders
    for trying to keep some
    Dignity in OUR
    White House.
    I wish nothing but the BEST for you and your family...

  • Janet Hoschar

    Janet Hoschar

     5 months ago

    Gee , We will miss her

  • P Wood

    P Wood

     5 months ago

    She will be missed, a very intelligent women that kept the lying media in their place

  • JC Rabbit

    JC Rabbit

     5 months ago

    GREAT NEWS!!!!!,Now,lets get rid of the other pathological liar

  • GoldenState


     5 months ago


  • Thomas Amey

    Thomas Amey

     5 months ago

    I am so glad that lying cunt is leaving.

  • Fluffycakes


     5 months ago


  • Udo odu

    Udo odu

     5 months ago

    Sarah nooooo

  • Renee Dougan

    Renee Dougan

     5 months ago

    Bye lier

  • Jorge Sical

    Jorge Sical

     5 months ago

    At this time everything is possible we have an idiot as a president why not a liar as governor