Fortnite Employee Hates Me!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 30, 2018
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  • Danny Duncan

    Danny Duncan

     a years ago +559

    sorry about earlier this bs would only upload at 360p lmao. ONE WEEK UNTIL TOUR!!! see you guys soon <3 !!

  • Boneless Pizza Boy

    Boneless Pizza Boy

     a years ago +593

    Imagine going to E3 and waiting in a long ass line just to play a free game you can play at home



     a years ago +123

    You should of went to the fortnite thing with a PUBG shirt

  • Alex donis

    Alex donis

     a years ago +206

    Yo Danny you should buy a whole bunch of legos and toys for Marvin and surprise him EVERYBODY LIKE FOR HIM TO SEE THIS I WNAT TO MAKE MARVINS DAY

  • Tech James

    Tech James

     a years ago +458


  • Tony Flash

    Tony Flash

     a years ago +124

    Danny’s a master at pissing people off I love it, knows when he’s taking it too far and back off, reason I started watching him, since he posted the video where he cut in line in front of college kids waiting to get in. Classic. Those reactions are priceless. Torn between not making a scene and not wanting him to cut in front of them. It’s entertainment, y’all need to chill. He’s not hurting anyone, just annoying them a bit.
    LIkE iF YoU waNt DanNY tO MAke More REAL PRANKS.

  • jake from statefarm

    jake from statefarm

     6 months ago +29

    He’s got the perfect shirt for that place😭😭

  • lublar


     a years ago +38

    Who else thinks Danny should've done the YouTube basketball tournament

  • Alex O'Brien

    Alex O'Brien

     a years ago +103

    i finally got enough money to go to the boston show on july 29. i went to go buy tickets and it’s the only show sold out😭😭

  • Fynn Nielsen

    Fynn Nielsen

     7 months ago +24

    Danny: 6:28 puts on seat belt.
    Danny: right after putting it on takes it off

  • braulio alanix

    braulio alanix

     a years ago +231

    "Excuse me whats your social security number?" 😂😂

  • McCarthy Many Fingers

    McCarthy Many Fingers

     a years ago +26

    Why are people waiting in line to play free game SMH 🤦‍♀️

  • Eli Vigil 710

    Eli Vigil 710

     a years ago +27

    We don't have brains Danny

  • PdX_ozie


     7 months ago +9

    Danny Duncan yo hello "chase your dreams" ah what? "GET IN MY CAR" OK

  • Chemy


     5 days ago +1

    At the beginning that was elixir. He has like 300k subs

  • TheDubpace


     a years ago +366

    I told Danny to go Moisty at 3:39 😂

  • ttv 11winksy

    ttv 11winksy

     2 months ago +3

    Danny: PUBG baby
    Fortnite staff: silence (inside: all around me are familiar faces)

  • Carson Stormo

    Carson Stormo

     a years ago +11

    You drive like me on GTA V

  • Nelson Is Cool YT

    Nelson Is Cool YT

     2 months ago +1

    5:45 Taxi Drivers in GTA be like😂

  • Apollos


     8 months ago +4

    Danny speaking FACTS at 6:40